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Wellness is highly personal. Every individual has different motivators, unique circumstances, and specific reasons for caring about their health. Unfortunately, when it comes to wellness programs, most companies often begin with a one-size-fits-all strategy. By taking such a generic, programmatic course to encouraging healthier lifestyles, suggestions simply fall on deaf ears, missing the opportunity to truly impact lives, company culture and the bottom line.

US Corporate Wellness offers an effective and nationally accredited alternative to this standard approach by delivering an active, personalized strategy to wellness that will enact positive change in individual lives and across entire companies.

Using a relationship-driven approach—never an impersonal call center—our personal wellness coaches confidentially work with clients one-to-one to identify what is most important to them. Our comprehensive program also offers 24 x 7 educational tools, a support hotline, customized online journal, contests, and much more. Whether the goal is losing weight, reducing stress, improving nutrition or training for a half marathon, clients receive the support, encouragement, and resources to become their own best-self.

Simply put, by empowering people to live healthier lives, we’re helping companies decrease health care costs, reduce sick time, increase productivity, and boost morale. And we’re doing it all with a program you can afford and that doesn’t require a significant investment of your time.

Your Benefits Include:

  • Reap long-term savings and a positive return on your investment
  • Develop a culture of wellness
  • Help employees become more satisfied, productive, and confident
  • Encourage growth through secure and trusted relationships
  • Make a difference in people’s lives

Keeping health care costs under control requires preventative measures—both on a business and an individual level. Including an effective wellness program as part of your employee benefits can accomplish both of these directives. But it’s not a “perk”—it’s a strategy for improving your bottom line. US Corporate Wellness helps employees make better decisions about their health, thereby reducing your company’s health care, disability, and sick time costs while increasing productivity. Using a personalized approach, US corporate Wellness tailors the program to include the right mix of personal wellness coaching, complementary tools and assessments to meet the needs of your company and each of your employees.

The result is a nationally accredited wellness program that meets your budget, actively engages your employees and most importantly, achieves results.

Contact us today (800-910-9425 or Results@USCorporateWellness.com) for more information or a strategic analysis of your organizational Wellness Quotient.