Health & Wellness Brochures

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Award-winning health information, a 12-panel format, an engaging design, and a low price all add up to a commitment to help you and your fellow employees lead more healthy lives!

Why WELCOA Health & Wellness Brochures?

When you look at the major components of what makes a superior brochure—quality of information, quantity of information, presentation, and price—WELCOA stands head and shoulders above other providers!


#1 Quality of Information—WELCOA Brochures cover the gamut in the areas of nutrition, exercise, disease management, stress, medical self-care and much more. With a commitment to embracing the hard sciences in a way that is engaging and useful, WELCOA is a national leader in the development of credible, reliable, and useful health information. With 62 different titles to choose from, you won't have trouble finding something that meets your needs.


#2 Quantity of Information—Each brochure contains 12 panels—not 8 or 6—of engaging health and wellness information and is presented in full-color. Your employees won't feel shortchanged by the amount of information and since the brochures are printed on high-quality paper that will last—employees will want to utilize them as a consistent reference guide.


Health Information Awards Winner

#3 Presentation—WELCOA brochures have received national acclaim from the highly-respected Health Information Resource Center as a "best-in-class" product. At WELCOA, we understand that a brochure can only be effective if it is read—therefore, we've incorporated content and graphics that will be of great interest to your employees. Plus, we use pictures of real people—not cartoons or unrealistic caricatures!


#4 Price—As a national not-for-profit organization, WELCOA is committed to making health and wellness information available at prices that won't break your budget. Compare our brochure prices with others on the market and we guarantee you won't find a better deal...period.

What Does It All Add Up to?…Best Value!

If you are looking to make the best use of your wellness resources and ensure that credible health information is presented the very best that it can be, then WELCOA brochures will stretch your wellness budget and help you improve employee health!

What Others are Saying About The Brochures

"We provide WELCOA personalized brochures to our member clients throughout the region. For our organization, there’s no question that along with the quality of the information that cost is one of the most important determining factors in using WELCOA brochures. With WELCOA’s generous discounts, we are able to purchase more brochures and reach more people than we otherwise would reach if the discount did not exist. Thanks WELCOA for your help!"

"WELCOA brochures are attractive, concise, and they hold people’s attention."

Make It Look Like Your Own!

Interested in personalizing WELCOA's Health & Wellness Brochures with your organization's name and logo? Simply contact us.


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Logo Color OptionsQuantity/Cost (per brochure)
  500-999 1000+
1-color logo (e.g. black only) $0.08 $0.07
2-color logo (e.g. black + red) $0.11 $0.10
Full-color logo (e.g. black + red + blue) $0.20 $0.15
Minimum order of 500 brochures required. A one-time $59 set-up fee will apply.