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Fitness That Works provides a turn-key solution for improving your employees’ fitness—AND their overall health—with seven Simple Moves that can be done during the workday.

Sean Foy offers step-by-step motivation and instruction, guiding your employees through the seven Simple Moves. When performed well, these moves will make your employees stronger, physically younger, healthier, more productive and so much more! Here’s what’s inside Fitness That Works:

  • A new ‘Simple Move’ in every chapter
  • Full-color “how-to” images
  • Inspiring testimonials and stories
  • Timed fitness tests and challenges
  • A ‘fitness personality’ quiz
  • Customized workout recommendations
  • A Simple Moves weekly tracking form

The Problem

The modern American workplace (often referred to as a “desk sentence”) and sedentary lifestyles are contributing to the decline of the health and fitness of the American workforce more than ever before. Understanding that fit, healthy employees lead to fit, healthy companies—employers are desperately searching for effective solutions to “make fitness work.”

The Solution

With WELCOA’s Fitness That Works, you can offer your employees a proven fitness program that will help them move more throughout the workday—without breaking into a sweat or even leaving their cubicle to realize the benefits.


How does it work? The Simple Moves were designed around the best information from the field of occupational and physical therapy, and founded in “corrective training” approaches that sports therapists and leading researchers in movement and performance use with athletes. The following seven Simple Moves were created to help American employees decrease the incidence of injury while significantly enhancing movement, function, strength and performance.

  • Move #1: Balance
  • Move #2: Reach
  • Move #3: Step
  • Move #4: Push/Pull
  • Move #5: Squat/Lift
  • Move #6: Rotate
  • Move #7: Lunge

Best of all, the seven moves have been designed in such a way that you can perform them between 9 to 5—at work—while you are on the phone, in a meeting, on the manufacturing line, on a break, or even while flying in a plane.


Fitness That Works author Sean Foy is an exercise physiologist, fitness trainer and behavioral coach who introduces a simple and practical approach that makes fitness work—at work! In this simple but effective guide, he’ll share seven Simple Moves to help your employees improve their fitness and energy levels during the workday.

Fitness That Works Makes The Perfect Incentive For Your Employees!

  • Health Fairs
  • Lunch 'n' Learns
  • HRA Incentives
  • Fitness Club Members
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Behavior Change Campaigns
  • National Employee Health and Fitness Day

Create A Movement In Your Workplace—Empower Employees To Make Fitness Happen From 9 To 5!

Organizations are recognizing the negative impacts of an unhealthy workforce and are using the Fitness That Works program to change the face of their companies—both fiscally and physically.

Help your employees realize how easy it is to incorporate fitness into their daily routine by giving them Fitness That Works. Valuing your employees by giving them ways to improve their health is smart business—and a great way to attract and retain a high-quality, motivated workforce.

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