Wellness Certifications

Wellness Certifications

Each year, WELCOA provides nationally-recognized workplace wellness certification opportunities. Known as Well Workplace University, this engaging and stimulating certification provides all participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and deliver a results-oriented wellness program.

About WELCOA Wellness Certifications

In 2013, WELCOA will offer six certification opportunities. Each certification is outlined in detail below:

Well Workplace University — Building A Results-Oriented Workplace Wellness Program Using WELCOA's Seven Benchmarks

Well Workplace University — Building A Results-Oriented Workplace Wellness Program Using WELCOA's Seven Benchmarks is WELCOA's flagship training program. In this four-part Certification, participants will learn the art and science of building a results-oriented wellness program. Building on WELCOA's Seven Benchmarks of Healthy Companies, this training is specifically designed to help wellness practitioners and business leaders build and sustain results-oriented wellness programs. To date, thousands of health professionals and business leaders have taken part in this training.

Well Workplace University — The Art And Science Of Building A Wellness Program In A Small Business Setting

Small businesses constitute the vast majority of workplaces in the U.S., but, until now, there has been very little guidance for small employers on how to build a great wellness program. In this 90 minute Webinar, WELCOA President David Hunnicutt will walk you through the process of building a great wellness program in your small business setting. If you are responsible for developing a wellness program in a company of 50 employees or less—this training is perfect for you.

Well Workplace University — Linking Wellness Initiatives To Employee Benefit Design: The Missing Link In Creating Best-In-Class Wellness Programs

Despite the very best efforts of the nation's most talented worksite wellness practitioners, many health promotion initiatives have failed to live up to their potential. Interestingly, by linking worksite wellness programs to the company's benefit plan design, remarkable results are finally being achieved. In this four-part national WELCOA Certification, participants will walk away with the knowledge and skills to successfully link wellness programs to corporate benefits.

Well Workplace University — How To Effectively Utilize Health Coaching To Improve Employee Health

When it comes to workplace wellness programs, coaching is all the rave. Unfortunately, despite its popularity, far too many companies are clueless when it comes to truly harnessing the power of coaching. In this four-part national WELCOA Certification, members of the WELCOA nation will learn how to successfully incorporate coaching into their existing workplace wellness initiatives. From selecting coaches to setting expectations to negotiating prices to evaluating outcomes, this Certification will feature some of the nation's most learned professionals and practitioners. If you are looking to take your wellness program to the next level, you won't want to miss this certification opportunity.

Culture Clash! How We Win The Battle For Better Health

Some consider changing culture as a "David vs. Goliath" kind of battle. Every single one of us want to help our employees lead healthier, more productive lives—but to be sure it's an uphill climb. It seems that in today's environment technology, fast food, television, and commuting (just to mention a few) are all conspiring against—the consequences of which are legion.

In this four-part certification, Dr. Steve Aldana—one of the nation's brightest minds on this topic of culture change—will lead you through the art and science of how your employees can stay healthy in a push and shove world.

In session 1, Dr. Aldana will address why you should care about this topic—and in sessions 2, 3, and 4, Steve will share with you three essential steps necessary for your employees to win this battle.

If you are looking to create a healthier culture and improve the well-being of your employees, this certification is an absolute must-attend!

Well Workplace University — How To Effectively Lead Your Worksite Wellness Initiative

WELCOA President, Dr. David Hunnicutt, and other national leaders will provide more in-depth instruction and insight into the art and science of developing a personal skill set that will allow you to effectively build and sustain a results-oriented workplace wellness initiative. Specifically, the topics of leadership, creating change, getting things done through others, establishing essential priorities, and maximizing your time will be addressed as part of the core curriculum.

A Nationwide Network Of Certified Practitioners

To date, thousands of worksite wellness practitioners and business leaders have completed Well Workplace University and have been certified as WELCOA Well Workplace practitioners.

Trainings Are Free To WELCOA Members

If you are a WELCOA member and would like to register for the 2013 Well Workplace University training series, simply log in to Absolute Advantage.

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In addition to Well Workplace University, WELCOA also provides a variety of other training opportunities. Be sure to check out the complete training schedule.

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