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Speaker Guidelines

Speaker Guidelines

Welcome to WELCOA’s Speaker Guidelines!

Please click on the section titles below to expand and collapse each portion of the guidelines.

Slides, Materials & Quiz

To abide by the standards we have put forth in our recorded events and trainings, we require the following for all courses…

PowerPoint Presentation
  • Requirement of slides to be formatted in widescreen (16:9).
  • Ideal slide count: 40-50 slides for one hour of recorded video.
  • If you use any images or photos in your presentation, please be sure they are high-quality resolution.
  • Download WELCOA’s PP template and a sample slide deck.

NOTE: A link to any copyrighted supporting videos (i.e. TED Talks, YouTube, etc.) must be provided as a separate clip from the presenter’s recorded portion and may not be included in the flow of course. Supporting videos that are copyrighted will be made accessible as a link to the source in the Materials section of the course on the WELCOA Institute.

Takeaway Materials
  • Requirement of 2-3 takeaway materials that correspond to the presentation.
  • Acceptable file formats: white papers, articles, case studies, reports, workbooks, etc. in Word or PDF format.
  • Acceptable online formats: links to blogs, websites and other resources.
  • Download sample materials.
Quiz Questions & Answers
  • Requirement of 20 quiz questions and answers in Word format with each correct answer indicated in bold..
  • Keep questions and answers brief. (Max: 200 characters for questions, 100 characters for each answer.)
  • Mix 50% multiple choice and 50% true/false (Preface all true/false questions with “T/F:”)
  • Multiple choice questions must have 4 answers minimum/5 answers maximum.
  • For multiple choice questions, do not use “Both A and B” or something similar as an optional answer.
  • Limit the amount of multiple choice questions with “all of the above” or “none of the above” as an optional answer.
  • Download sample quiz questions.
Transfer of Files

If necessary, WELCOA will provide the presenter a link to a shared folder via to transfer slides, quiz questions, materials and any other supplemental files. All content will be reviewed by WELCOA staff prior to the live session and/or prior to the production of the course.

Zoom App

WELCOA requires the Zoom platform for all live events and recorded trainings. To ensure full compatibility, please be sure you have the most current version of Zoom before participating in our live event or recording your video content.

Recording Settings

Prior to recording your video content, please be sure all the following settings are in place. Note all the settings indicated in the screen shot below for Cloud recording and sharing. Ensure that everything is checked and unchecked as shown.

Zoom Cloud Recording & Sharing

Because you will most likely be displaying a PowerPoint slide deck as part of your presentation, it is highly recommended (but not required) that you use dual monitors to make transitions flow seamlessly. It is perfectly acceptable to use a single screen if you are already experienced in Zoom using one display.

Webcam Framing

As a subject and participant, it is imperative to keep yourself optimally framed from your webcam’s point of view at all times.

  • Keep equal space on your left and right sides.
  • Keep some space between the top of your head and the top of the frame.
  • Keep the tops of your shoulders above the base of the frame.
  • A good rule-of-thumb is to always keep your webcam at eye-level.
Subject & Environmental Lighting

Lighting oneself and your environment is essential for live events and recorded sessions.

Examples of Proper Framing & Lighting

Here are some visual aids to help ensure proper framing and lighting when you are participating in our live event or recording content:

Subject Too Close


Subject Too Far


Subject Not Centered


Webcam Too High


Webcam Too Low


Webcam Not Level


Not Enough Light


Too Much Light


Too Backlit





Optimal sound recording of your voice is just as important as visually framing yourself.

  • When participating in our live event or pre-recording your session, choose a private office, conference room or room in your home that is relatively small.
  • Prior to recording, be sure to let co-workers, family members or roommates know to not disturb you or walk-in during the session.
  • Choosing a space that has few or no exterior windows is recommended.
  • It is recommended to lower blinds or close curtains to help absorb echo/reverbertion.
  • Choosing a room or office with carpeting also helps absorb echo/reverberation.
  • If you’re at home, remove pets from the room to avoid unwanted interruption or distraction during the session.
  • Be sure all surrounding devices, equipment and computer apps are turned off (i.e. desk phones, mobile phone ringers and alerts, incoming mail alerts, copy/fax machines, fans, radios, music players, etc.).
  • Avoid shuffling papers and pages as this can become distracting during the session.

Your background/environment should be a non-distraction for viewers.

  • Be sure your background is free from high-activity (people behind you walking by in the distance).
  • A neutral wall or a common office background is recommended.
  • Avoid sitting too close to a wall as it will create undesirable cast shadows.
  • Do not use Zoom’s blur setting as this creates unwanted pixelization and artifacts around the edges that separates you from the background.
  • Do not use Zoom’s green screen setting with a branded background as this also creates unwanted pixelization and artifacts around the edges that separates you from the background.
    • A lower third will be added with your name and information to identify you and your company in the final video.
    • The only time a green screen is permitted is if you use an actual green screen that is well-lit.
Other Tips

Some other things to keep in mind when pre-recording your presentation:

  • Stumbling in your speech happens and can be easily edited. If you stumble during your pre-recorded session:
    • Stop.
    • Take a few seconds to collect your thoughts.
    • As an audio cue for the editor, say, “I’m going to restate that last part/sentence/bullet point…” etc.
    • Wait a few seconds, then restate and continue on.
  • Keep a bottle of water handy to avoid dry-mouth.
  • Pause recording if you need a short break, then return to finish – Providing multiple Zoom recording sessions is acceptable if you need to stop and take a longer break.
Recording in Zoom

When you have all the preceding recommendations set, follow these steps when starting your recording. (Scroll down to see toolbar.)

  • In Zoom, “Share Your Screen” and be sure you only share the PowerPoint app or secondary display that shows your slideshow.
  • Turn on the “Captions” option on your Zoom toolbar.
  • Click the “Record” button.
  • Start your presentation and navigate through your slides accordingly.
  • At the conclusion of your presentation, stop the recording.
Zoom Toolbar

When you have finished recording, follow these steps to share the recording. (Scroll down to see snapshots.)

  • Once your recording is fully processed, Zoom will automatically notify you via email that the recording is ready for distribution/sharing.
  • In the Recording section of your Zoom account, click on the session recording…
    • 5 files associated with the recording should be listed.
      • Shared screen with speaker view
      • Speaker view
      • Shared screen
      • Audio only
      • Closed caption
    • Click the “Share” button on the far right.
    • In the pop-up window, ensure that the following are checked under the “Share Settings” button:
      • Viewers can download
      • Passcode
    • In the pop-up window, enter the WELCOA contact email address in the space provided and click “Send.”
Zoom Recording Main
Zoom Recording Share
Zoom Recording Share Settings

Since we edit and add post-production finishing to our recordings, adhering to these guidelines will help us build a better end product for distribution. Please know that any submitted recording(s) that does not meet the preceding guidelines (visual and/or audio) may require the session to be re-recorded in part or in whole by the presenter.

IMPORTANT! The purpose of WELCOA training is to educate Members. Solicitation of speaker products and services in such a way that undermines that purpose is prohibited. Exposure for your products and services should be provided via no more than 2 slides and/or up to 2 minutes of total audio time at the conclusion of the presentation.

Presenter owns copyright to all submitted content. WELCOA owns copyright to all end files (video and audio) and deliverables.