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10 Effective Actions to Drive Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement: essential for company success but (at times) difficult to achieve. Even the most interested and well-intentioned employees need convenience and a supportive culture to drive participation.

As for the habitually detached participants? It’s possible to change their habits for the better with a strong, value-driven, and intentional well-being strategy that places employee engagement at the center. The equation is simple. The more support you offer your employees, the greater the engagement. With multiple engagement drivers in place, you can see company-wide engagement increase significantly—like this local school system, which saw a 47% increase in participation from their previous program.

Take the first step in transforming your employee participation rate from “meh” to magnificent with these 10 engagement drivers.

1. Offer meaningful incentives

Meaningful incentives can vary based on your company, culture, job class, and several other factors. Consider your employees’ pain points and incentives that can actually spark action instead of just checking the box.

2. Make your resources known with a robust communications plan

Participants need repeated touchpoints throughout the year across multiple mediums. Make sure your well-being solution offers tools (like Navigate’s automated communication feature) to keep your people in the loop on all your events and initiatives.

3. Make it mobile with app integration

The world has gone mobile—so should your well-being solution! Having program resources at your fingertips via an app can increase engagement and provide tools and resources on the go.

4. Encourage executive-level support

If the Great Resignation has taught us anything it’s that leadership can’t afford to ignore the benefits of employee well-being. Having executive buy-in not only provides the financial resources to support a successful well-being program, it also shows that well-being is important from the top down.

5. Promote engagement as a cultural norm

As you onboard new employees, emphasize the benefits and joy that come from engaging in cultural company activities. Having engaged peers helps to create camaraderie, friendly competition, encouragement, and accountability.

6. Explain your “why” or your purpose

Helping participants understand the “why” behind a well-being program gives them a greater sense of purpose when completing the activities. Is it to build a company’s culture? Create a healthier workforce? Provide better benefits to employees? Share the why and help employees get on board with your mission.

7. Gather feedback and make actionable changes

Listening to participants and acting based on their feedback shows that you value their input and are creating a program with their well-being in mind. Consider using a survey tool (like Navigate’s built-in Pulse Survey feature) to easily collect and monitor feedback. And if you do make a change, remember to clearly communicate it.

8. Use participant data to drive program strategy

Regularly reviewing participant data through annual well-being surveys, pulse surveys, interest surveys, or a survey that brings it all together can help create a well-being program tailored to your participants’ wants and needs.

9. Leverage community involvement

Your well-being program is the perfect way to connect participants to their community, and it helps employees see their program as an initiative with a greater purpose. Use your well-being solution to promote community resources, give back to the community with volunteerism, spark financial donations when employees reach well-being challenge goals, etc.

10. Start an active well-being and culture committee

Think of a well-being and culture committee as an extension of your administration team, with representation at every level of the company. It puts familiar, friendly faces to your initiatives and shows that this is a priority at all levels. It also provides additional support and unique perspectives—which can free up planning and administrative tasks on your end.

Ready to spark more engagement in your employees? Find out how to make your job easier and put these drivers into action with a robust well-being solution.

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Navigate Wellbeing Solutions

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