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7 Strategies for Building Well-Being into Your Corporate DNA

Workplace wellness initiatives are at the heart of top performing organizations in the United States. Companies with a successful workplace wellness initiative recruit top talent, retain tenured employees, and overall have happier, healthier, and higher performing teams. But how do we engage our employees in wellness?

Rebalancing the Pillars of Wellness

The traditional four pillars approach to employee well-being has the right elements, but they’re not all equal. Investing in financial health should be the top priority, or efforts to deliver physical, mental, and social well-being will fall short.

Psychological Safety at Work: The Remote Advantage

The remote/hybrid/onsite discussion is heating up. After the newness of no commute and improved work-life balance has worn off, a set of strong contrarian views seems to be emerging.

In Their Own Words: SkinIO Users Share Their Stories

When is the last time you looked at your skin? Really looked at it – to examine a spot that had changed or a new one that you noticed for the first time? If your answer is “it’s been a while,” you’re not alone. Though 1 in 5 of us will get skin cancer, far too few of us are looking. And the majority of employees in the U.S. have never been to see a dermatologist. SkinIO exists to fill that vital blind spot, by allowing anyone anywhere to perform a full-body skin exam with their smartphone in just 10 minutes. And we’ll connect them to in-person care if they need it.

10 Effective Actions to Drive Employee Engagement

Employee engagement: essential for company success but (at times) difficult to achieve. Even the most interested and well-intentioned employees need convenience and a supportive culture to drive participation.

Mental Health for All: The Missing Middle and Beyond

Mental health is more than simply the absence of mental illness. Despite the fact that 83% of people will experience mental health issues by middle age, it’s a topic that has long been misunderstood and stigmatized. These issues range from temporary periods of overwhelming stress to more serious, chronic conditions.

Change You Can Feel: How Leaders Can Drive a Mentally Healthy Culture

Global events have altered how we deal with racial injustice, social interactions, the cost of living, war and more. One day soon, the climate emergency will force an urgent review of how we live. Just like Covid-19 redrew our relationship with work.

The Solution to Employee Wellness: Personalized Approach

What an amazing event Onward: Breakthrough Solutions was a few weeks ago, expertly designed and hosted by WELCOA! The resilience and ingenuity attendees demonstrated over the past couple years was apparent. Their respective employee population approaches or innovative business solutions in response to the VUCA circumstances were on full display!

Solving for EX: How Holistic Approaches to Mental Health Can Improve Employee Experience

While hybrid work models and bumps in pay have proven to be positive outcomes of the pandemic, employees are still increasingly unhappy in their current roles.

Are HRAs and Biometric Screens “Medical Benefits” Under ERISA? Why Should Employers Care if They Are?

Whether employer-provided biometric screens and/or health risk assessments (HRAs) qualify as “medical care” is important because a number of federal laws apply to employer-sponsored plans that provide “medical care” or “medical benefits” to employees.