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Science Alone Is Not Enough

If we are going to positively change the health and well-being for people in every nation, in every community, in every workplace, and in every team, science alone is not enough. We also need art to help us do that work.

Why Emotional Intelligence is the Key to Organizational Wellness

Emotionally intelligent leaders help to foster a culture of psychological safety, inclusion and belonging, and employee voice – things that are essential to creating healthy organizations.

Why Resilience is the Cure for Feeling Overwhelmed

Before the COVID pandemic, workers talked about not having capacity and a less than optimum work/life balance. Now, after over 40+ months of the pandemic, with work-from-home and return to/hybrid work dynamics, social justice, and hyper-partisan politics, workers feel like they have been pushed to the brink of exhaustion from feelings of being overwhelmed.

10 Ways to Nourish Your Well-Being at WELCOA Summit

Can you imagine going to a conference and coming back even more refreshed than when you showed up? Check out these 10 opportunities to nourish your well-being at WELCOA Summit this year.

7 Habits of Highly Happy People

Consider these 7 habits and rituals to add to your weekly routine to boost your own happiness – they are guaranteed to elevate your mood and put a smile on your face.

Let’s Elevate Change by Taking a More Holistic Approach to Workforce Well-Being

It’s time to take a more holistic approach to workforce well-being by expanding our offerings and resources to address three innate human needs: the need for meaning and purpose, the need for connection and belonging, and opportunities and support to connect with something bigger than ourselves.

Conference Green Flags: How to Choose the Right One for You

Professional conferences are back, and there are plenty of them to choose from. You have the budget, you have the time, you need the continuing education credits, and let’s be honest, you could use some time away from the office. So how do you choose the right one for you?

Summit San Diego

10 Reasons WELCOA Summit is THE Wellness Conference to Attend in 2023

The days of conferences aren’t over, but the days of conferences that don’t bring meaning and impact are. We’re building something different because you deserve something different. WELCOA Summit fuses community, think tank, and an ultimate self-care experience into a full, four-day, immersive experience for the heart, mind, and soul. Here are 10 reasons WELCOA…

10 Bonus Activities to Enjoy During WELCOA Summit

An in-person conference means in-person experiences outside of the office! Can you even fathom that? We can, and we’ve thought up some other activities that you can enjoy if you join us in Chicago for WELCOA Summit.

Check out our Top 10 Bonus Activity recommendations for you to do with your team or new conference acquaintances!

Top 10 Fun Philly Facts About The 2019 WELCOA Summit

Setting the 2019 WELCOA Summit stage in historic Philadelphia this year means loads of fun sights to see! Checkout our Top 10, Fun Philly Facts that you could experience at this year’s conference. Stay Connected Welcome Reception: Hosted by HealthAdvocate — August 26 at 5:00pm Join us on the Regency Foyer for a free drink…