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Do You Really Know Resilience? New Research: How Organizations Should be Preventing Burnout

Why is wellness important to your company or business? Why invest in the wellness of your people? While your answer as an organization is going to be as unique as the personal goals we have for our wellness as individuals, one thing is for certain. The pandemic upset the work/life balance of people around the world. We’re experiencing burnout on a scale of which most organizations have never seen. Leaders are beginning to rally around resilience and look for ways to build their workplaces, cultures, and resource base to help employees adapt effectively to life events.

But organizational resilience has become synonymous with stress management. While our ability to endure is crucial, it’s only part of the solution. Building resilience is not about helping people absorb the punches better. It is about solving their problems with compassion. This is not about fixing employees. It is about giving them the proper tools and resources – helping them build skills that actually improve their lives.

How WELCOA & Unmind Are Building Organizational Resilience

WELCOA has dedicated an entire year to providing our members with the information and resources they need to do just that. We along with Unmind, a workplace mental health platform that challenges organizations to take a whole-person approach to mental health, are taking action.

We are investing in a research effort to help you understand how to empower your employees not simply to tolerate hardship, but to prepare for the unknown, effectively navigate ambiguity, and proactively manage their own mental health. And we are kicking that effort off now.

Participate in the Research

Contribute your voice by being a part of the research! Respond to this quick survey about the resilience approaches you are taking in your organization. Together, we will identify best practices to help organizations become more resilient, maintain performance, nurture culture, and strengthen their reputations – whatever 2021 has in store.

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