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Your New Year’s Resolution: Become a Well Workplace

Year over year, health and wellness professionals dedicate their work to the health and wellbeing of their employees. This inspiring work is why WELCOA is committed to continually enhancing the way we communicate and educate organizations about the importance of workplace wellness. During one of our most landmark years, we’ve been working hard to deliver the best member experience possible for those charged with helping every employee in the United States be well. As the year comes to a close we are honored to announce our 2018 Well Workplace Award winners.

WELCOA’s Well Workplace Award™

For the past 25 years, the Wellness Council of America has dedicated its efforts to studying and promoting the efforts of America’s Healthiest Companies. In a Well Workplace, the vision of protecting and enhancing the health and wellbeing of each and every employee is ingrained in the organization. All Well Workplace Award winners have used WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks™ model to help build and shape their wellness programs.

On the Horizon

WELCOA is in the process of developing a brand new Well Workplace Awards application site! To stay informed about the progress and to be one of the first organizations to apply using our new platform — sign up for updates here! The new application is set to deploy by Fall 2019!

Make Your Resolutions a Reality

To prepare your organization to become a Well Workplace Award winner in 2019 follow these key next steps:

Congratulations to Our 2018 Well Workplace Award Winners!

In 2018, WELCOA had the pleasure of awarding 67 companies and organizations representing 219,034 lives which were enhanced by these Well Workplace awarded programs at their workplace.

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Fact Sheet Over the Years

Well Workplace Awards

Spotlight on Wisconsin

The Wellness Council of Wisconsin has been a local WELCOA affiliate for over 30 years. It is Wisconsin’s premier resource for workplace wellness and works to empower organizations in transforming culture to change lives. They help employers build comprehensive and sustainable programs and provide a WELCOA membership as a part of their membership. You may notice that there are many companies from Wisconsin that have achieved a Well Workplace award in 2018.

Well City Recognition

Well City USA

Evolving out of the Well Workplace Awards Process™, Well City USA is an initiative designed to engage entire business communities in improving the health and wellness of their workforce. It is a status achieved when a minimum of 20 organizations — that collectively employ at least 20% of a community’s workforce — become designated as WELCOA Well Workplaces within a 3 year period. Well City USA was awarded in the state of Wisconsin in 2018: