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018: Nick Patel, Founder & President of Wellable and Sean Foy, Founder & President of Personal Wellness

WELCOA COO Sara Martin Rauch discusses with Wellable Founder & President, Nick Patel, and Personal Wellness Founder & President, Sean Foy, the transition of On the Move into Wellable’s customizable platform.

017: Joel Bennett, Phd, President of Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems (OWLS)

Dr. Joel Bennett, President of Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems (OWLS), offers his thoughts on each of WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks with Ryan Picarella.

016: Brett Powell, Vice President and Wellness Consultant at the American Institute for Preventive Medicine

For the first time in history, there are five very distinct generations in the workforce. The way in which these different generations respond to technology, education, communication and their own health can vary drastically.

015: Virgin Pulse – Interview with David Osborne, Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Pulse & Rajiv Kumar, Chief Medical Officer of Virgin Pulse

Listen to this WELCOA interview with Virgin Pulse CEO, David Osborne, and CMO, Rajiv Kumar, as they discuss the new social contract between employers and employees, the bottom line impact of workplace wellness, and what the future holds.

014: Four Virtues of a Leader – Interview with Eric Kaufmann

Listen to this WELCOA interview with Eric Kaufmann who shares his personal philosophy for leadership and the four elemental virtues of great leaders.

013: People & Culture Are Everything in Business: Interview with Hal Rosenbluth

Listen to this WELCOA interview with Hal Rosenbluth whose pioneering ideas about changing corporate culture transformed the business landscape shares wisdom that reinforces that the human interaction is the most important business interaction.

012: Voice. Value. Vigilance. Supporting Employees and Reducing Mental Health Stigma: Interview with Mettie Spiess

Listen to this WELCOA interview with Mettie Spiess whose mission with passion is to build a culture of voice to crush mental health stigma.

Stella Grizont, MAPP

011: WOOPAAH – Tangible Ideas to Work Happier, Live Better: Interview with Stella Grizont

Listen to this WELCOA interview with Stella Grizont to learn more about how to help individuals and organizations find deeper fulfillment in their work.

010: Creating High-Performing Wellness Teams: Interview with Dr. Joel Bennett

Listen to this WELCOA interview with Dr. Bennett to learn more about how the right kind of wellness teams can maximize your success as you assess, design, deliver and evaluate your wellness program.

009: You Should Have Brain Envy: Interview with Dr. Amen

Dr. Amen will tell you, “If you really want to elevate your performance, the first thing to do is start caring about your brain.” And there’s more to it than that. The three pounds of fat in our heads does a lot to determine our health. In this brand new interview, learn how mind and body are inseparable when it comes to well-being, and get strategies taking good care of both.