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008: Understanding the Power of the Dollar with John Perkins

From the heart of the Amazon to the slopes of the Andes, John Perkins has witnessed the effects corporate greed has had on the environment and people. In this exciting expert interview, Perkins talks with WELCOA about how to create a movement while we shop, the power of gratitude, and how we can channel our emotions into worldwide change.

007: Exploring Purpose in Work and Life: Interview with Reggie Hammond

The question of purpose is one that has permeated every aspect of our lives, including the workplace. As employees discover what energizes them in their daily lives, workplaces have begun to recognize how pivotal the recognition of purpose is. How do we find purpose in our work and lives? What does it mean to answer a calling? WELCOA sits down with coach and leadership expert Reggie Hammond to find out the answers.

006: Wellness Unmentionables: Interview with Alexandra Drane

We spend a lot of time collecting health data on the employees and community members we serve, but are we studying the right risk factors to explain our poor health pandemic? Alexandra Drane discusses some inconvenient but important truths in this new podcast about “The Unmentionables.”

005: The Value of Workplace Ergonomics: Interview with Erik Nieuwenhuis

Standing desks, ergonomic work spaces and other tweaks to the built environment are showing promise in increasing total employee well-being and decreasing worksite injuries and pain. But what is the financial and health impact of these interventions? Workplace ergonomics expert and physical therapist Erik Nieuwenhuis gives us the total value story in a brand new episode of WELCOA Cast.

004: Eating Well: The Mayo Prescription for Good Nutrition: Interview with Dr. Donald Hensrud

Imagine walking in the shoes of a Mayo Clinic Physician. What questions do they ask their patients about their diets and how does one of the most advanced models of care achieve healthy eating compliance in the real world? WELCOA President Ryan Picarella sits down with Dr. Donald Hensrud for the Mayo perspective on food.

003: Getting Managers on the Move: Interview with Laura Putnam

How does leadership—even at the management level—shape the health and well-being of employees? Laura Putnam of Motion Infusion tells us the three ways a manager can become a wellness multiplier in your organization.

002: The Mayo Model for Wellness: Interview with Paul Limburg

What does the medical community really think about the wellness industry? What is the Mayo Model for Wellness? Dr. Limburg from the Mayo Clinic sits down with WELCOA President Ryan Picarella to hear about how one of the most cutting-edge clinics for disease treatment is jumping head first into wellness and prevention.

001: Positive Psychology: Interview with MJ Shaar

Need a dose of positivity? WELCOA President Ryan Picarella sits down with Wellness Culture Coach MJ Shaar to talk about positive psychology. Get some quick strategies for fostering positive emotions in our own lives and among employees.