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Video: “A Crazy Hungarian Doctor and the Solution to Weight Loss” – A PPN Webinar by Full Plate Living

In just the past 21 years, the obesity rate has soared 150% in America. Go back to 1960 and the number has ballooned 300%.

Today, 3 out of every 4 adult Americans are either overweight or obese. We’re the heaviest we’ve ever been.

But what if there were ONE thing you could help your employees focus on that could make the biggest difference when it comes to lasting weight loss.

There is.

During this webinar, Dr. Fleming (PhD nutritionist) and bestselling author shares:

  • What we can learn from a crazy Hungarian doctor to help turn obesity around
  • The ONE thing that bubbles to the top when it comes to lasting weight loss success
  • How the longest living people in the world have this ONE thing in common
  • Why most Americans are totally oblivious to this ONE thing
  • And how you can help your employees embrace this ONE thing in 2018

Full Plate Living’s Slide Handouts

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