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Bring Wellness to Work

Our Roadmap to Employee Wellness

At WELCOA we’ve got your back from crafting a vision for wellness to evaluating your program. An annual membership provides you with training and tools to grow participation and engagement through personalized programs and inspire a culture of wellness.

WELCOA serves a community of over 5,000 health promotion and wellness professionals. With more than 30 years of research, collaboration, and connection—WELCOA provides a personalized roadmap built around your organization’s needs for wellness.


Develop your professional skills and earn continuing education credits


Communicate the value of wellness with ready-to-use health bulletins, presentations, and infographics


Design a program custom-made for your employees with our 7 step framework

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Personalize Your Journey

Well Workplace Process

The Well Workplace Process takes you on a journey from evaluation and education to validation and designation. You will be guided through our checklist to evaluate your organization’s wellness culture. Complete the checklist and receive an introduction to our 7 Benchmarks where we’ll provide the education to discover what your organization needs to implement a successful wellness program focused on whole employee wellness.

Well Workplace Checklist
Evaluate and Enhance

Discover what your organization needs to implement a successful wellness program centered around whole employee health.

Building Wellness Programs
Our 7 Benchmarks

WELCOA’s credible framework, based on research and expertise, for building and sustaining successful employee wellness programs.

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