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Health Observances

Educate and energize your co-workers with National Health Observances (NHOs). NHOs are special days, weeks, or months dedicated to raising awareness about important health topics.

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2024 Well Balanced Topics

Download WELCOA’s full list of 2024 health observance topics for your Well Balanced resource and start planning your wellness initiatives!

JanuaryNational Blood Donor Month

Every drop counts – your blood donation can be a lifeline for those facing surgeries, accidents, and medical conditions. Be a hero, save lives. See All »

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FebruaryHeart Month

Global heart disease impacts well-being. This month reminds us to prioritize heart health for a stronger, healthier life. See All »

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MarchNational Nutrition Month

Get a refresher on nutrition basics and learn how to make healthy and tasty meals to bring fun back to the table. See All »

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AprilStress Awareness Month

April is stress awareness month and a great excuse to check in with yourself and those around you. Stress affects individual well-being and impacts overall productivity and morale at work. See All »

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MayLoneliness in the Workplace Month

We all have a unique opportunity to help combat the loneliness epidemic by fostering connection and belongingness within our organizations and communities. See All »

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JuneThe Great Outdoors

A healthy workplace culture starts outside of the entry doors—literally. See All »

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MayMental Health Month

Get educated, get support, and learn ways to make mental health a self-care priority in your daily life. See All »


JuneNational Nutrition Month

Learn how to prioritize male health, and bring to light some of the biggest health challenges that men face. See All »


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JulyUV Safety Awareness Month

Know the risks of UV damage and how to keep your skin healthy all year round. See All »


AugustNational Immunization Awareness Month

Learn about your natural immunity and how you can add an extra layer of protection with immunizations. See All »


SeptemberSuicide Prevention Awareness Month

Raise awareness and education, crush stigma, share stories of resilience, and welcome conversations about mental health and suicide. See All »



Worksite Wellness Training

WELCOA’s Institute for Wellness Studies meets training needs for those in charge of designing, developing, and delivering worksite wellness initiatives. Learn more about how regular training can improve your program initiatives.

OctoberBreast Cancer Awareness Month

Bring a focus and awareness to lifestyle and genetic risks, steps for prevention, and screenings for early detection of breast cance. See All »


NovemberNational Diabetes Month

With the right tools and support, diabetes can be managed and, in some cases, prevented. See All »


DecemberInfluenza Vaccination Week

Learn how to prevent influenza through self-care, vaccination, and good hand hygiene practices. See All »