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Bi-Lingual Onsite Health/Wellness Coach



  • Empower participants to make life long behavior changes or modifications, for improved health outcomes, by establishing goals and action steps.
  • Help the participants identify ways they can over-come barriers, so they achieve their goals.
  • Conduct onsite health-related wellness seminars and training courses requested by our clients’ for their employees.
  • Provide accurate & appropriate education and guidance, within your score of education.
  • Personalize the coaching sessions for each person.
  • Complete detailed records in the Healics online system that addresses the health concerns for each individual; follows the charting guidelines; and complete documentation per protocol timeframe.
  • Perform blood pressures, weights and measurements as part of the coaching process.
  • Track and complete coaching sessions required for each individual based on their incentive plan, by contacting the participants per protocol frequency, to inform, engage, and motivate them to be successful.
  • Update the monthly coaching reports within one week of receiving it and/or by the due date provided.
  • Make reminder calls, emails, scheduling, or rescheduling clients for needed appointments.
  • Travel to clients’ location or perform telephonic calls as needed for individual coaching; HRA’s or report deliveries.
  • Use Healics approved forms and handouts only.
  • Follow Healics policies and protocols that may require some modifications based on the clients’ needs and requests or other special conditions.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner that represents Healics’s mission and vision statements.
  • Assist with health risk assessment screenings, performing bio’s or phlebotomy, based on skills and need.
  • Complete report deliveries – if assistance is needed, both on-site and by phone.
  • Perform other tasks requested, such as: office jobs, projects, etc.
  • For nurses: you may be assigned to give flu shots; make critical calls; or provide other nursing duties requested by Healics clients’.
  • Follow HIPAA and OSHA regulations at all times.
  • Protect, store and use the equipment provided for your use, properly and for Healics work only.


  • Minimum degree: Associates Degree in Nursing or LPN; BS degree in fitness; kinesiology; dietetics; or Wellness Certification is required.
  • Must be bi-lingual in Spanish, with background and past experience with medical terminology preferred.
  • 2 Years of experience working in the wellness industry is preferred.
  • Ability to influence participants by being a good example for wellness.
  • Stay on top current information for health recommendations.
  • Know basic nutrition, health, and fitness information, including knowledge in tobacco cessation, stress management and health risk reduction.
  • Be able to work independently; and be self-motivated and resourceful with proven abilities to multi-task and operate successfully under deadlines and time pressures.
  • Be able to work with different personalities; education levels; different stages of change; and be flexible and accommodate their needs.
  • Enjoys a fast paced and challenging work environment.
  • Be a team player and represent Healics as part of a professional team.
  • Be honest, trust worthy and reliable.
  • Arrive on time for work assignments and communicate well with your site contacts.
  • Maintain complete confidentiality and a high degree of accuracy for all work performed.
  • Be innovative and open to new ideas, approaches and information.
  • Be a good communicator with verbal and written skills, as well as being a good listener.
  • Have a positive ‘can do’ attitude that understands participant’s obstacles and appreciates the participant’s successes.
  • Ability to perform blood pressures; physical measurement and weights properly.
  • Phlebotomy skills preferred.
  • Certification and maintenance of CPR/First Aid required


  • Be able to travel to client locations and work onsite – for multiple days or possibly multiple weeks.
  • Be able to sit during travel by car or plane, for extended periods, if required.
  • Be able to sit for extended periods, with breaks times built into the schedule, while coaching.
  • Be able to perform computer skills; and/or written documentation throughout the day.
  • Be able to lift equipment up to approximately #35 pounds.
  • Be able to work a flexible schedule and fill in as necessary.
  • Have a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation and car insurance.
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Date Posted
July 28, 2016
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Milwaukee, WI
Onsite Health & Wellness Services

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