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Director, Corporate Wellness Programs


The Director of Wellness Programs manages, designs, and implements initiatives that enhance the employee experience at MINDBODY. This includes established programs such as: onsite Wellness services and fitness classes; onsite childcare center; employee wellness challenge; wellness debit card program; and Charitable Giving Program.

The successful candidate will also be focused on cultivating a workplace culture that encourages each of our team members’ commitment to their personal well-being. Lastly, the ideal candidate will be obsessed with wellness and have demonstrated the ability to successfully lead teams in value based work environments. 


  • 7 + years of experience building and managing wellness teams in
  • Highly proficient in planning, coordinating, promoting, and evaluating Wellness-related events and programs.
  • Experience managing wellness programs across multiple geographic locations, including international offices and teams.
  • Thorough understanding of the latest corporate wellness standards and best practices, and relevant federal and state laws (ACA, HIPAA, ADA, GINA, EEOC).
  • Previous experience successfully marketing wellness concepts through a variety of communication methods and technologies to a diverse audience.
  • Energetic, dynamic speaker.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field.
  • Advanced proficiency with Outlook and other Microsoft Office tools. Well versed with social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Exceptional presentation skills and ability to influence others.
  • Proficient with commonly used project management tools (Microsoft Office Project, etc.).
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.<strong


  • Lead the strategic design, development, implementation, and promotion of global Wellness and plans
  • Create and develop innovative programs and services to foster a culture of Wellness globally, create a world-class employee experience, and maintain MINDBODY’s standing as a Best Place to Work.
  • Develop materials and resources for use in promoting MINDBODY’s wellness programs.
  • Hire, train, and develop a growing and successful team of corporate wellness professionals.
  • Strategically promote Wellness Program brand to drive employee engagement of the wellness strategy and programming.
  • Create, monitor, and evaluate successful marketing campaigns designed to engage and educate MINDBODY team members.
  • Plan and execute company wellness events.
  • Effectively advocate for Wellness programs and their impact on company culture and bottom line with MINDBODY leadership. Communicate goals and outcomes of the program to ensure that leadership both understands and supports all initiatives.
  • Identify and manage strategic cross-company  partnerships that will contribute to the overall success of the MINDBODY wellness programs
  • Seek out innovative approaches to increase participation and overall employee engagement in wellness programs.
  • Develop and maintain data strategy to evaluate program success and direction.
  • Identify, manage, and communicate company-wide philanthropic efforts. Develop MINDBODY as a leader in socially conscious employers.
  • Lead in the development and use of metrics to evaluate employee participation and engagement, program effectiveness, and outcomes, as well as to ensure competitiveness and comprehensiveness in the market.
  • Coordinate with overall employee benefits strategy to ensure optimal linkages.
  • Partner effectively with recruiting to develop of a world class employment brand.
  • Ensure a culture and working environment that is consistent with MINDBODY’s mission.
  • Represent MINDBODY at conferences, including speaking engagements on our Wellness strategy and results.
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Date Posted
September 25, 2017
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San Luis Obispo, CA
Onsite Health & Wellness Services

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