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Face to Face Health Coach – Part-time

Provant Health Solutions

Job Description:

The Health Coach is responsible for conducting face to face health coaching sessions based on Provant’s risk stratification methodology.  The role of the health coach is to assess clinical data (biometrics, HRA), claims and pharmacy data (as available), tobacco use along with clinical assessment to determine participant’s risk stratification.   Health coach is required to maintain accurate clinical documentation in Provant’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR).  Health coach is required to maintain their appointment schedule.  Health coach is actively involved in the Wellness Committee or other client specific Wellness Programs as determined by individual client request.  The Coach will provide support and advice to the Provant internal team for the continued expansion of wellness throughout the company.  Health coach will deliver Provant approved health education programs on an as needed basis to the population at determined locations.

Special Assignments (may include, but not limited to):

  • Onsite Health Coaching Coordination
  • Onsite Health Education Coordination
  • Health Education Program Development
  • Clinical Research
  • Client Specific Training
  • Clinical Training
  • Other Projects Assigned by Management

Preferred Qualifications:

Wellness Coaching certifications, knowledge of specific disease and lifestyle related topics such as weight management, tobacco cessation, chronic conditions and stress management.  Experience with motivational interviewing or counseling skills a plus

Special Work Requirements:

Flexibility and ability to adapt work time as dictated by the needs of the company.

Experience and Education requirements: (examples may include some or all of the following):

  • Computer systems
  • Health Coach experience or certification
  • Athletic Trainer, Registered Dietitian, Nurse, Kinesiologist, Exercise Physiologist
  • HIPAA compliance

Responsibilities of position: (examples may include some or all of the following):

  • Clinical assessment skills
  • Clinical interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Electronic medical record documentation
  • Interpersonal skills (face to face and telephonic)
  • Ability to work independently continues to grow; ongoing re-evaluation of existing processes; professional interactions with clients and partners; consistently suggesting of solutions along with discovered issues; a firm understanding that the goal is always outstanding customer satisfaction.


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Date Posted
October 26, 2016
Job Type
Charleston, SC
Onsite Health & Wellness Services

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