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Marketing Manager



Myndstream is an audio-visual music company focused on curating, producing, and releasing music for every style of mindful consumer in pursuit of enhancing their own unique mindful environment.” Our call to action is to “stream mindfulness wherever you are…” 

Myndstream, with its acquisition of the 30+ year old Real Music, is home to the world’s top-selling musicians across mindful categories including sleep, meditation, relaxation, focus, mental wellness, and movement; all with loyal and dedicated fanbases. Along with the work of artists Kevin Kern, Karunesh, Bernward Koch, Omar Akram, and Danny Wright, Myndstream is home to Liquid Mind, the #1 artist in Sleep Music, who has accrued over 1.5 billion streams digitally.

Myndstream seeks to reframe the way consumers think about mindfulness, allowing them to consume mindful music wherever they already experience music (across platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, etc.), while enhancing the experiences offered by mindful apps and brands with industry-leading and scientifically backed top quality music and musicians.


We are looking for a marketing manager who can bridge the gap between Myndstream and Music Consumers, as well as direct to Brands by delivering best-in-class content and marketing solutions through direct and partner channels. Our priority is to build an engaged community who will interact with the company and each other, share their stories of how they discovered our music and how it has affected them, and engage with the companies & ambassadors who support our brand. The right candidate for the role will be competent in creating and managing brand messaging across audio, visual, social, and partnership platforms.

Responsibilities and required competencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Brand and product strategy
  • Content (audio and video) strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Community and Influencer relations and engagement
  • SEO


  • Well-developed experience in a marketing role within the Health & Wellness industry
  • Track record of strong leadership and a collaborative mindset
  • Experience using traditional and digital/social platforms to communicate to targeted demographics
  • Prior end-to-end experience of the marketing process from initial briefing through to execution
  • Portfolio of strong consumer marketing campaigns resulting in customer acquisition and business partnerships
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Date Posted
June 24, 2019
Job Type
Beverly Hills, CA

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