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LIVE Webinar + High-Vis Registration Email

Position your unique message by delivering an informative presentation to a captive audience. Your live, 40-minute webinar can showcase your expertise while generating leads.


High-Vis Registration Email

Please provide the following:
  1. Subject Line
  2. Banner Graphic and/or logo: 1200 pixels wide
    (display size will be 600 pixels wide)
  3. Photo, Name and Title of Presenter
    (please provide a headshot of the presenter in high-resolution (300 dpi)—.jpg preferred)
  4. Content
    • Presenter Name and Job Title
    • Presenter Organization
    • Webinar Title
    • Description (75 words)
    • Objectives (please provide 3-4)
High-Vis Email

40-min. Live Webinar

Content Requirements
To abide by WELCOA’s established webinar standards, we require the following for all presentations:

  • Presentation should be no more than 40 minutes.
  • Presentation slides must be in widescreen format (16:9).
  • Avoid animations or motion slide builds—stick to static slides.
  • Include any necessary “takeaway” materials (URL links for all referenced websites, PDFs for all personal reports)
  • We encourage a call to action at the closing of your presentation as a way for you to capture additional leads—whether it’s a free trial, free download, resource, etc. accessible to attendees via a link to a page on your website and/or landing page.
Best Practices
Environment & Audio Tips:
  • Diffuse background noise (i.e. copy/fax machines, shuffling papers, humming fans, squeaky chairs, etc.).
  • Silence all electronic devices, calendar and email notifications, and remove any noisy pets from your recording area.
  • Present in a quiet, closed room or space where you will not be disturbed.
  • If possible, choose a carpeted room with minimal windows to minimize echo (reverb)
  • Keep a bottle of water handy to avoid dry-mouth.
  • If possible, face a natural light source and avoid sitting with your back to a window. If natural light is not accessible, we recommend a ring light or another light source directed at your face for even, steady lighting. Avoid sidelight or backlight.
Webinar Examples

To see past examples of Premier Provider webinars click here.

To submit your content, please email all required files to a member of the PPN Team.