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Behavior Change

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WELCOA’s Suggested Resources on Behavior Change

Changing unhealthy behaviors is a very complicated and complex thing to do; but it is possible. In fact, people do it everyday. WELCOA shares a number of excellent resources that can help you navigate the vast topic of changing behaviors.

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Influencing Lasting Lifestyle Change Through Health and Wellness Coaching

Walk through the health and wellness coaching steps to gain initial insight into helping people move from where they are to where they want to be.

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The Power of Health & Wellness Coaching: The Influence on Employee Health, Creativity & Performance

When it comes to workplace wellness initiatives, health and wellness coaching can make a considerable impact on employee lifestyle change. WELCOA President & CEO, Ryan Picarella visited with professional health coach, Dr. Michael Arloski, Founder & CEO, Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc., to talk about the benefits health and wellness coaching can bring to existing workplace health initiatives.

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The Case for Employees Living the Good Life

In this case study from Smola Consulting and Victor Central School District, learn how a plant based initiative changed behaviors and improved health risk factors that have lifelong results with The Good Life Challenge health initiative; a 10-day whole food, plant based food challenge.

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Key Mindsets for Mastering Checklist

Use this quick guide to help you prepare to take the Well Workplace Checklist. Each page outlines the themes and key mindsets at each of our 7 Benchmarks. Complete these worksheets with leadership and/or your wellness team to help determine your strategic wellness goals.

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A Habit a Day

[ 2018 Summit / Day 2 ] Join Andrew Sykes for a stroll through the mysterious landscape of influence science and explore the best ways to make new habits easy to start, and impossible to quit!

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Creating a Culture of Wellness: Quick Culture Inventory

When it comes to creating healthier workplaces, it’s all about culture. And to help you better understand the culture change process, we’ve created a WELCOA Quick Culture Inventory.

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The Engagement Gap

To better tap into the physical activity landscape among corporate America, we surveyed hundreds of employers and employees to find out if there was a gap between what resources employees find motivating and what employers currently provide. Keep reading to check out our survey results, and get four specific recommendations to help employees move more…

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Dr. Michelle Segar: Rebranding Health as Well-Being

Do you know why your wellness program isn’t encouraging behavior change? In this WELCOA Expert Interview, Dr. Michelle Segar shares an easy-to-adopt, novel approach to promoting health, wellness, and fitness behaviors that leading organizations are starting to adopt.

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Jeff Rubleski: Financial Wellness @ Work: Managing & Mastering Financial Wellness

Former WELCOA CEO, Dr. David Hunnicutt, recently sat down with Jeff Rubleski, author of The 10 Steps to Financial Wellness, to discuss the current state of employee financial wellness and to introduce his new book, Financial Wellness @ Work. In this discussion, Jeff will share his insight on why employee financial wellness is a critical element for employer sponsorship, as employees struggle to balance their current financial priorities and to build a lasting financial foundation to pay for expenses in their retirement years.

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