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Financial Wellness

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The WELCOA Pulse – Jim Purcell & Steven Van Yoder

On this WELCOA Pulse webinar with the co-founders of the Returns on Wellbeing Institute, learn about how an organizational focus on employee financial well-being is important now more than ever.

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Common Cents Incentive Campaign

Common Cents is an incentive challenge that aims to get your employees to the peak of financial wellness. With this campaign’s engaging materials and guides, your employees will be equipped to actively manage their financial health. The campaign also includes fun ways for employees to track their savings activities and earn points.

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Jeff Rubleski: Financial Wellness @ Work: Managing & Mastering Financial Wellness

Former WELCOA CEO, Dr. David Hunnicutt, recently sat down with Jeff Rubleski, author of The 10 Steps to Financial Wellness, to discuss the current state of employee financial wellness and to introduce his new book, Financial Wellness @ Work. In this discussion, Jeff will share his insight on why employee financial wellness is a critical element for employer sponsorship, as employees struggle to balance their current financial priorities and to build a lasting financial foundation to pay for expenses in their retirement years.

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Dr. Rosie Ward: Leveraging Well-Being to Create a World-Class Culture

These days, well-being is all the rage—and for good reason. By addressing multiple components of health (including career, social, financial, physical and community) well-being is a concept that allows organizations to think beyond the traditional boundaries of wellness. In this expert interview with WELCOA President David Hunnicutt, Dr. Rosie Ward shares important thoughts on how today’s business leaders can leverage well-being to create a world-class culture.

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