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One Company’s Journey To A Holistic Wellness Strategy Away From Outcomes-Based Programming

With any major strategic change comes exciting wins, and unexpected challenges. The good news is we can rely on pioneers of these changes to share insight to help us navigate this newly charted territory.

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A Case for Collaboration: How a Health System Brought People Together to Achieve Higher Engagement

WELCOA Benchmark 2 spotlights Collaboration in Support of Wellness and the impact that creating a wellness network within your organization can have on integrating well-being throughout the organization. In this case study from Gundersen Health System, learn how this health system achieved higher engagement in their well-being strategy with the power of collaboration and by collecting meaningful data which allowed them to evolve their strategy effectively.

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The Case for Employees Living the Good Life

In this case study from Smola Consulting and Victor Central School District, learn how a plant based initiative changed behaviors and improved health risk factors that have lifelong results with The Good Life Challenge health initiative; a 10-day whole food, plant based food challenge.

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Well County La Crosse: A Case Study with the Wellness Council of Wisconsin

Evolving out of WELCOA’s Well Workplace Awards Process™, Well County USA is an initiative designed to engage entire business communities in improving the health and well-being of their workforce. The Wellness Council of Wisconsin worked closely in the collaboration of 20 La Crosse county businesses and organizations, to deliver award-winning wellness programs to 18,000 employees…

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Physical Activity Intervention: A Case Study with Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin

In this case study from a WELCOA Platinum Award winning program at Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin, Jeff Stieg shares the physical activity intervention that they have been using in order to encourage exercise at work for both health and safety reasons. Get the GoodMoves activities that can be used at your location starting…

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7 Benchmarks: Join the Conversation

Mastering Leadership Support for Wellness

Struggling with how to gain leadership support for your wellness program? Hear how Rachel Druckenmiller, Director of Wellbeing at SIG, has mastered gaining leadership support for wellness in her own organization and for clients.

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[Case Study] CentraState Healthcare System’s Plant Powered Program

What would it be like to implement a holistic program where the message is to eat in abundance and stop counting calories? CentraState Healthcare System’s Plant Powered program is an innovative healthy eating and weight management program that you can replicate at your organization.

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[Articles] CentraState Healthcare System’s Plant Powered Program Proposal

Review CentraState Healthcare System’s Plant Powered program proposal to help you create your own proposal to launch an initiative at your workplace.

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New Era Cap Company Case Study

The New Era Cap Company’s program is worth a closer study, and WELCOA is bringing you just that. Find out how the program’s holistic education, policy and culture initiatives help reduce employees’ risk for chronic disease, improve overall health, and keep employees and the business operating at 110%.

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Teledyne Brown Case Study

Decoding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its implications for wellness program design is a major concern for wellness practitioners. Teledyne Brown Engineering’s Go for the Gold program has been improving population health status, creating healthy cultures, and building employee trust—all within a strict interpretation of ACA guidelines. Keep reading to learn how.

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