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Incentive Campaigns

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Common Cents Incentive Campaign

Common Cents is an incentive challenge that aims to get your employees to the peak of financial wellness. With this campaign’s engaging materials and guides, your employees will be equipped to actively manage their financial health. The campaign also includes fun ways for employees to track their savings activities and earn points.

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Walking 4 Wellness Incentive Campaign

If there’s anything that we know about improving health, it’s this: one of the greatest predictors of sickness and death is a low fitness level. By following the simple recommendations put forth in Sean Foy’s book Walking 4 Wellness, individuals can improve their health status and their overall quality of life. This challenge puts the strategies in Sean’s book in motion, encouraging participants to make walking a part of their daily routine.

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Stop Stress This Minute

Experts have demonstrated that successful stress management involves deliberate effort, multiple strategies and plenty of practice. This 8-week employee incentive challenge takes the action-oriented strategies presented in WELCOA’s Stop Stress This Minute book and helps employees methodically put an action plan into practice to lower their stress number and balance stress in their lives.

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Eat Right for Life

The majority of illnesses and chronic diseases that are currently so prevalent in America are largely preventable— and in some cases, fully reversible—simply by eating the right foods. The Eat Right For Life Challenge will inspire participants to focus on the five basic tenets for making healthy food choices, as outlined in Dr. Ann Kulze’s Eat Right For Life book. Participants are challenged to work toward transforming unhealthy eating behaviors into healthy habits that will promote a lifetime of stellar health.

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