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Financial Wellness @ Work Video Training

Financial Wellness @ Work Video Training

The Financial Wellness @ Work video training series helps you educate your employees on the basics of financial wellbeing. Learn More

“Jeff Rubleski makes this so easy for me to take control of my finances. This training course lays the foundation for managing my money for now and the future!”
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Hold up! This video training series requires the accompaniment of a Financial Wellness @ Work book. When placing your order, we will add one copy to your cart at no additional charge. If you would like more copies for your employees to follow along, add your desired quantity to your cart at a discounted rate before checking out.



Approximately 15 min per chapter (Total: 2 hrs, 12 min)

What's Included

  • 10 Training Videos (MP4 Format)
  • 1 copy of Financial Wellness @ Work book
  • Interactive Excel Worksheets
  • PDF Resources & References
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Licensing Agreement

Wellness Emphasis

Financial Wellness


The Financial Wellness @ Work video training series provides a solid foundation of financial information to help lead your employees to financial wellbeing.

How Does It Work?

The Financial Wellness @ Work video training series provides actionable ideas for reducing debt, managing cash flow, building savings, growing investments and expanding net worth. Give the people in your organization a comprehensive look into financial wellbeing in every stage of life. And don’t forget to buy additional books for all your employees.

In this series, Jeff will cover each chapter topic:

  • Chapter 1: Taking Stock of Your Finances
  • Chapter 2: Time-Tested Rules for Building Financial Wellness
  • Chapter 3: Managing Your Personal Debt
  • Chapter 4: How to Attack, Manage and Eliminate Debt
  • Chapter 5: Saving and Investing for the Future
  • Chapter 6: Using Workplace Benefits to Build Financial Wellness
  • Chapter 7: Planning for Major Personal Investments
  • Chapter 8: Protecting Your Assets With Insurance
  • Chapter 9: Selecting Trusted Advisors
  • Chapter 10: Choosing Your Path to Financial Wellness
PLEASE NOTE: This video training series is designed to work in conjunction with the Financial Wellness @ Work book. We will add one copy of the book to your order. If you would like to add more copies for your employees (i.e. lunch-n-learn), you may add more to your cart at a discounted rate!
Financial Wellness @ Work Video Training

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What's Included?

10 Training Videos

10 Training Videos


One Financial Wellness @ Work Book

Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide

Excel Worksheets

Excel Worksheets

PDF Resources

PDF Resources

Licensing Agreement

Licensing Agreement

New Financial Wellness Video Training Series

WELCOA strives to be the industry leader in wellness training and information. This video training course paired alongside Jeff Rubleski's Financial Wellness @ Work book will help you lead your employees to financial wellbeing for a happier, healthier life.