The Well Workplace Checklist is an interactive assessment that will help you determine how your organization is doing with respect to developing a results-oriented worksite wellness program. The Checklist was designed as a tool to assist WELCOA member companies in assessing their organization's wellness program against the Seven Benchmarks of results-oriented wellness programs.

Specifically, the Well Workplace Checklist is 100 questions in length and requires approximately 20 minutes to complete. Once completed, you'll receive an immediate Executive Summary detailing your scores in each benchmark. Shortly thereafter, you'll receive a comprehensive 38-page report via email.

View a Well Workplace Checklist Report

To give you a better idea of the kind of information you'll receive in the Well Workplace Checklist report, you can download a sample Comprehensive Report and Executive Summary at no charge. We hope that you take a few minutes to read through the report to see the kind of important information that's contained within the document.


Log on today to see how your organization ranks against the Seven Benchmarks of Results-Oriented Wellness Programs. To date more than a thousand companies have used this free tool and received important feedback which has allowed them to take their programs to the next level. In fact, many organizations will complete the Checklist twice a year to document and quantify the tangible improvements in their organization's overall wellness initiative. Moreover, many organizations have used the results of the Checklist to engage their company's senior level leadership in better understanding the status of the organization's wellness program. Don't miss this opportunity! To take the Well Workplace Checklist at no charge, simply visit this link.