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This week’s featured company.

Victory Tabernacle Church of Deliverance

Richmond, VA

Coordinator: Ruth Harris

Number of Employees: 25

Years Participating: 1

2019 Goals:

To gain the health benefits of being more active.

2019 Challenge Goals:

To have everyone start somewhere and discover they can do it.

Fun Fact(s):

We’ve never done anything like this before!


Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Coordinator: Kayla Rose

Number of Employees: 160

Years Participating: 2

2019 Goals:

Our program’s goal this year is to help our employees make positive changes in their health and wellness that they can stick with long term.

2019 Challenge Goals:

Our challenge goal this season is to have our employees experience the benefits of moving on a regular basis and find ways to integrate it into their lifestyles for good.

Fun Fact(s):

Our company has the coolest, smartest, and most caring employees around. We are all working towards the same goal of optimizing the health of others.