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Meredith Corporation Shares The Secrets To Its Wellness Program Success

Meredith is one of the nation’s leading media and marketing companies with more than 3,000 employees operating in locations spread across the country. In 2011, Meredith won WELCOA’s Platinum Well Workplace Award for its results-oriented wellness program. As one of America’s Healthiest Companies, Meredith has agreed to share its success story with the WELCOA Nation…

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Expert Interview with Dr. Ann Kulze

50% of health care dollars are spend on employees’ spouses and dependents; do you have a strategic plan for improving health for the whole family? In this exclusive WELCOA Expert Interview, medical doctor and nutrition expert Dr. Ann Kulze shares how to tackle this critical cost driver for organizations.

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The Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals Award Winner: Rachel Druckenmiller

After 210 entries were scored by an elite panel of judges, WELCOA is pleased to announce that Rachel Druckenmiller was scored the Top Health Promotion Professional in the country! The Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals Awards truly highlighted the best of the best! Read more about Rachel and what she has won in the first…

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[Infographic] Summit 10 Best Ideas

Check out WELCOA Summit Attendees’ ten best ideas for HRAs & Screenings.

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Member Spotlight: Larry Catlett

In this expert interview, DISH Top 10 Health Promotion Professionals winner Larry Catlett brings 20 years of experience as the founder of Occupational Medical Consulting to discuss industry threats, how to address them, and what you can learn from his most successful wellness interventions.

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Job Satisfaction Survey

WELCOA’s Benchmark 6: Building Supportive Environments is about helping employees change for the better by creating company policies that support healthy change. To know what policies will be most effective, you must first engage employees and get to know where they’re coming from.

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Rebranding Health as Well-Being

Have you ever wondered why it is that even people who desperately want to adopt healthier lifestyles don’t stick with them once their initial burst of motivation fades? This webinar discusses the surprising reasons this is true and also showcases a new science-based paradigm to motivate healthy behavior so it is maintained over time.

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