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Workplace Wellness Trends in 2024

Reflect on the past year and look ahead to what is on the horizon for 2024. Learn more about what is working well to care for employees, what priorities are driving change, and which strategies are worth investing in.

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The Friendship Factor: Healthy Relationships for Modern Work

Over the past three years, our work experiences have required immersive learning and constant adjustment to develop healthy employee relationships, community, and culture amidst loneliness and burnout. As we settle into these new dynamics, we’re rediscovering the meaning and method for developing the healthy relationships and connected cultures that are sustaining our workforce. Join us…

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Amplify Your Impact: Leverage Your Champions

The most effective way to design work for employee well-being is to cultivate and leverage cross-functional champions. Everyone desires an organization that cares deeply for people and supports their well-being. This event will provide expert guidance from Jen Arnold and Rita Patel, who will provide the methods to find and leverage your champions. Learn new…

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WELCOA Special Event – 2023 Industry Trends Report

Join us and our sponsor Koa Health as we share how you, the leaders of corporate wellness, have responded to emerging needs. We’ll answer the questions, “what are our most pressing challenges” and “what are the most effective solutions?”

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WELCOA Special Event – Gearing Up for 2023: The Future of Workplace Well-Being Consulting

As employers move toward providing a suite of services with highly specialized support rather than having a one-size-fits-all vendor, the demand for consultants’ vendor selection support continues to increase. WELCOA can help brokers and consultants scale and employers make the most out of their outsourced relationships.

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WELCOA Special Event – Hybrid Approach to Care: How Top Orthopedists Are Now Addressing Musculoskeletal Pain

In this special event, you’ll learn how AKLOS Health can help you strike the right balance for your valued employees. You’ll also find out how they’re the only solution on the market today that addresses the critical soft tissue component of chronic pain, and why that’s important for the wellness of your workforce.

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WELCOA Special Event – Leadership Strategies for Workplace Wellness Success

Many companies are moving in the direction of strategically aligning departments to bring to life a shared vision for the future of work. Executive leaders and well-being professionals are invited to learn what is at stake when the company’s well-being strategy is siloed and how to amplify and enable departments who are already doing great work in their organizations.

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WELCOA Special Event – New Research: Best Practices in Workplace Wellness

WELCOA partnered with the Returns on Wellbeing Institute on a research study of 20 organizations with exemplary employee wellness initiatives. Through interviews and analysis, the study identified several best practices that characterize the most effective workplace wellness initiatives. In this event, we will share key findings, hear from organizations that participated in the study, and provide insights on how you can achieve better employee and business outcomes.

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How to Buy Well-being Solutions – Insider Secrets and New Tech

Investment dollars for workforce technology have reached 11 billion in just six months. This creates a robust marketplace of innovative solutions for employers to serve their workforce. It also creates a complicated buying landscape. Check out this WELCOA Special Event where attendees had the opportunity to submit questions in advance to our panel of experts.

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Realtime, Real Results

In a post-COVID world, there is no limit to dire headlines articulating what we are all experiencing in our workplaces – discomfort to returning to work, a fired up Gen Z, fall out from ongoing racial injustice, a mental health crisis, and ongoing fatigue from the collective trauma we endured. This event is designed to bring real solutions to the monumental task ahead. Amplify your leadership with guidance from our expert panelists.

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