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[Return to Work Employee Resources] Resource 2: Self-Care Practices to Improve Well-Being

Well-being is no longer just about nutrition and exercise. People are beginning to understand that well-being is also made up of mental and emotional aspects of self. In times of change there may be added stress which can be taxing on the physical body and mental strength. It is beneficial to realize when you need to refill or recharge yourself before being depleted, because once in a depleted state it is harder to mentally recover and remain motivated to take good care of ourselves.

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Realtime, Real Results

In a post-COVID world, there is no limit to dire headlines articulating what we are all experiencing in our workplaces – discomfort to returning to work, a fired up Gen Z, fall out from ongoing racial injustice, a mental health crisis, and ongoing fatigue from the collective trauma we endured. This event is designed to bring real solutions to the monumental task ahead. Amplify your leadership with guidance from our expert panelists.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit

While we continue to dream forward about the possibilities for well workplaces, we know there are some organizations that are needing to move quickly and require tools and resources to aid in building and communicating policies around the COVID-19 Vaccine. This toolkit was built in partnership with Barbara Zabawa, JD, MPH, Attorney/President, Center for Health and Wellness Law, LLC.

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[Return to Work Employer Resources] Module 1: Managing Fear, Stigma, and Intolerance in the Workplace

There are various matters to consider to keep employees safe and healthy in addition to being productive as employers return to the workplace after a global pandemic. This module provides pointers on how to best engage with your employees after reentry to the ‘new’ workplace to manage fear, stigma, and intolerance

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[Return to Work Employee Resources] Resource 9: Mindfulness Enhances Resilience

Mindfulness is one technique used to build resilience to bounce back from obstacles and challenges. This beautifully designed resource is ready to share with your employees to help guide them on ways to use mindfulness to increase their resilience.

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[Health Promotion Professional Toolkit] Module 6: Supporting Your Employees Work From Home Experience

Many employers are managing a remote workforce which can prove to be challenging to keep employees connected, engaged, productive, and happy. This resource provides ways to support your employees in their work from home experience.

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[Employee Education Toolkit] Resource 13: Setting Up Your Home Office

As many employers navigate working with a largely remote workforce, one common concern is helping employees have a dedicated space to focus on work. This beautifully designed resource provides your employees with tips to consider when setting up their home office or workspace.

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[Return to Work Employee Resources] Resource 1: Communicating Your Feelings and Needs With Your Employer

As we continue to discover and adapt to the new work environment post pandemic, it is important for employees to communicate effectively with their managers/supervisors. Open and honest communication will allow employers the opportunity to offer appropriate tools and support based specific to the needs of their employees. In this resource, you’ll find tips to help your employees effectively communicate with their employer how they are doing and what their needs are during these difficult times.

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[Return to Work Employer Resources] Module 7: Ways to Connect With Employees Virtually

Employers have had to get creative in finding ways to keep their employees motivated and engaged virtually. This resource provides some great examples and ideas to use.

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[Employee Education Toolkit] Resource 12: Connection, Empathy and Compassion

Empathy is the ability to relate to another person’s feelings. Compassion is a feeling of concern for someone else’s misfortune. Connection is an essential human need. In this resource, you’ll find tips to help you lean into empathy, fuel your compassion, and improve your connections.

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