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Legal Webinar: Countering Workplace Wellness Bias through Wellness-Legal Partnerships

Learn how an innovative use of employee assistance programs can help counteract that bias in the form of wellness-legal partnerships. Time will be reserved for attendee questions.

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The Nature of Wellness™: Building a Better Inside by Getting Outside

This webinar will address many health and wellness benefits, current research, and practical ways to “nature responsibly”—caring for ourselves and the environment.

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Setting the Contexts for Healthy Change

Rewatch a conversation with Colin Bullen and Hanlie Van Wyk from Virtuositeam as they discussed solving complex problems like employee mental health in an organization setting and how to change or adapt those behaviors to foster a culture of well-being.

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Legal Webinar: Discriminating Against Tobacco Users: What Does the Law Say?

In this webinar, attendees learned about state and federal laws that impact tobacco discrimination in wellness programs.

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The Heart of the Workforce: How to Support Essential Workers

Rewatch our conversation with Maria Dee from Kaiser Permanente and Mitch Martens from Huntington Health as we discussed the role of essential workers—inside and outside the health care sector—and how all employers can take lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to support the well-being of this critical faction of the workforce.

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Workplace Wellness Trends in 2024

Reflect on the past year and look ahead to what is on the horizon for 2024. Learn more about what is working well to care for employees, what priorities are driving change, and which strategies are worth investing in.

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Legal Webinar (Q4): Are Psychedelics, like Ketamine, Legal as a Wellness Benefit?

The increasing interest in addressing mental health issues in the workplace includes a rising interest in alternative therapies. One of those alternative therapies that is gaining popularity is the use of psychedelics like Ketamine to treat depression, PTSD, and other behavioral health disorders. The number of startups offering Ketamine services is growing to meet the…

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The Friendship Factor: Healthy Relationships for Modern Work

Over the past three years, our work experiences have required immersive learning and constant adjustment to develop healthy employee relationships, community, and culture amidst loneliness and burnout. As we settle into these new dynamics, we’re rediscovering the meaning and method for developing the healthy relationships and connected cultures that are sustaining our workforce. Join us…

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Amplify Your Impact: Leverage Your Champions

The most effective way to design work for employee well-being is to cultivate and leverage cross-functional champions. Everyone desires an organization that cares deeply for people and supports their well-being. This event will provide expert guidance from Jen Arnold and Rita Patel, who will provide the methods to find and leverage your champions. Learn new…

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Workplace Wellness and State Laws

Wellness Law Attorney, Barbara Zabawa, has partnered with WELCOA to provide best practices when it comes to the legal landscape of your wellness program. In this webinar, the speaker will discuss the importance of and difference between state and federal laws. The speaker will discuss state privacy laws, state laws involving workplace wellness program evaluation,…

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