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COVID-19 Health Promotion Professional Toolkit

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[Health Promotion Professional Toolkit] Module 6: Supporting Your Employees Work From Home Experience

Many employers are managing a remote workforce which can prove to be challenging to keep employees connected, engaged, productive, and happy. This resource provides ways to support your employees in their work from home experience.

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[Health Promotion Professional Toolkit] Module 9: Supporting Healthy Social Connection

Connection is one of seven distinctive elements listed in WELCOA’s Definition of Wellness. During a pandemic with social distancing, connection is even more critical and challenging. This module was designed to help you guide your employees in being deliberate about fostering the right types of social connection during this difficult time.

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Health Promotion Professional Toolkit

HR and corporate health promotion professionals are operating as the COVID-19 Command Centers in your companies. This toolkit is designed to be your go-to library for grab and go resources.

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