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Benchmark 7 Toolkit

Benchmark #7
Conduct Evaluation, Communicate, Celebrate, and Iterate


These resources will help you understand the impact of your wellness efforts at the workplace to support employee health and wellness. Learn why it’s important to evaluate your initiatives, how to communicate your offerings and how to celebrate successes with your program. Continuous improvement efforts are an important step within this benchmark.

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Evaluate Wellness Program

WELCOA’s 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Evaluate

Learn why evaluation is an essential part of your worksite wellness initiatives, but is often overlooked for a variety of reasons. This resource is part of the Benchmark 7 Toolkit

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Benchmark 7: Evaluate, Communicate, Celebrate and Iterate

WELCOA has created this toolkit to help you understand the impact of your efforts to support health and wellbeing. The benchmark strategy is to evaluate, communicate, celebrate and iterate. Use the toolkit for guidance on how findings from your evaluation are communicated to ensure continuous improvement efforts in your worksite wellness initiatives.

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Sample Wellness Program Participation Feedback Form

Sample Participation Feedback Form

Do you know what your employees want in a health promotion initiative? Many companies think they know the answer to this question, but you’d be surprised at how many would be wrong. So what’s the best way to know the interests of your employees? Just ask them. Asking is as easy as distributing a survey that invites your employees to share their opinions.

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Sample Worksite Wellness Summary

Sample Annual Worksite Wellness Summary Report Template

Use this template of questions and suggestions to tell the story about your worksite wellness initiative this past year.

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Job Satisfaction Survey

To know what policies will be most effective when designing your worksite wellness program, you must first engage employees and get to know where they’re coming from.

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[Infographic] WELCOA Summit 10 Best Ideas

Check out WELCOA Summit Attendees’ ten best ideas for HRAs & Screenings.

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