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Physical Wellness – Expert Interview with Dr. Russell Robinson and Dr. Toni Lewis

Russell Robinson speaks with Dr. Toni Lewis, MD, the founder of Liberation Health Strategies. Liberation Health Strategies focuses on creating a collaborative community, national and global holistic health justice strategies.

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Emotional Intelligence – Expert Interview with Dr. Russell Robinson and Faroshia Ashley

Russell Robinson speaks with Faroshia Ashley, founder of EmoWorks. EmoWorks, which is based in the Netherlands, provides services to help managers and leaders strengthen their emotional intelligence skills, and develop a culture of connection in organizations.

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Financial Wellness – Expert Interview with Dr. Russell Robinson and Saundra & Sidney Curry

Russell Robinson speaks with the wife and husband team, Saundra and Sid Curry, founders of BC Holdings of Tennessee. BC Holdings, named as one of Forbes Next 1000 in 2021, provide ways to educate and empower employees through financial wellness.

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Employee Engagement – Expert Interview with Dr. Russell Robinson and Dr. Brad Shuck

Dr. Russell Robinson, EdD speaks with Brad Shuck, EdD. Brad, a researcher at the University of Louisville and founder of OrgVitals, is an internationally recognized thought-leader in the areas of employee engagement, leadership and employee health and well-being.

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Research Design – Expert Interview with Dr. Russell Robinson and Dr. Jessica Broome

Russell Robinson speaks with Jessica Broome, PhD, founder of Southpaw Insights. Southpaw Insights combines quantitative and qualitative research methods that range from traditional to cutting edge.

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Premier Provider Interview: Alyfe

With more people paying attention to healthy habits to support their immune systems, now is the time to be sure you have a solid behavior change solution. Read how the experts at Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies define and implement personalized coaching strategies that support a culture of health – wherever employees may be.

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Caring for Healthcare Workers During a Global Health Pandemic

As many employers adapt during a global pandemic, there is one group that finds themselves looking at things a bit different than other employers. Healthcare systems are being hit hard; caring for those that are ill in masses, dealing with the stress of exposing themselves and their loved ones, working around the clock, struggling to find enough PPE, and being front row for the suffering and death that many of us are sheltered from. As such, strategies for employee wellness for these workers looks different as well. Gundersen Health System, a Platinum Well Workplace, shares with us how they are helping all levels of their staff during this difficult time in the latest WELCOA Expert Interview.

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Premier Provider Interview: Wisdom Labs

Loneliness is trending upward and has become a global epidemic. In the workplace, wellness programs and new policies intend to combat this but are actually doing the opposite.

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The Power of Health & Wellness Coaching: The Influence on Employee Health, Creativity & Performance

When it comes to workplace wellness initiatives, health and wellness coaching can make a considerable impact on employee lifestyle change. WELCOA President & CEO, Ryan Picarella visited with professional health coach, Dr. Michael Arloski, Founder & CEO, Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc., to talk about the benefits health and wellness coaching can bring to existing workplace health initiatives.

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A Uniquely American Problem

American families are often forced to choose between taking care of a spouse or parent when an unexpected medical emergency come up or keeping their job and benefits. Ryan Picarella, President & CEO of WELCOA, visits with Josh Levs, who reveals how businesses can adapt to evolving gender dynamics in the workplace, the goal of ending myths about men who are fathers, and provides insights to help companies update policies and cultures to create a level playing field for gender equal caregiving. His work has been captured in his book All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families and Businesses – And How We Can Fix It Together.

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