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WELCOA Summit 2023 – Presentations

Rachel Druckenmiller – 3 Ways to Unmute Yourself @ Work: Elevate Your Confidence and Courage to Amplify Your Career Read Keynote Article Dr. Russell Robinson – Welcome to the Overwhelmed Club Download Presentation Mitch Martens – The Aurora Wellness Project Download Social Solar System Results Patty Purpur de Vries – Elevate Your Life One Thought…

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Wellness, Engagement & Performance: Applying a Self-Determination Theory to Transform Your Culture

[ Scott Rigby, PhD / 2019 Summit / Day 2 ] Scott Rigby, PhD or Immersyve & motivationWorks, presents a powerful framework for transformational improvement to employee engagement and wellness based on Self-Determination Theory, providing attendees with practical strategies and best-practices for a thriving workplace.

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WELL Workforce: Innovating a Culture of Health

[ Rachel Gutter / 2019 Summit / Day 2 ] The WELL Building Standard™ (WELL™) provides organizations with a framework to intentionally combine design, wellness programming, and policies to achieve workforce wellness goals and cultivate healthy environments where all employees can thrive.

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The Art of Healthy Boundaries in the Digital Age

[ Brian Luke Seaward, PhD / 2019 Summit / Day 2 ] Today’s elephant in the (wellness) room is “digital toxicity.” Technology today is amazing, but screen addictions (and the stress associated with them), can greatly compromise health to one’s mind (stress), body (stress) and spirit (more stress).

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The Science of Happiness: Help Employees Avoid Self-Sabotage and Elevate Wellbeing

[ Stella Grizont / 2019 Summit / Day 2 ] How do you motivate employees to stop the self-sabotage and choose wisely, in support of their well-being and performance? Show them how to avoid three psychological traps so they can overcome their inner critic, stop comparing themselves to others, and end complaining.

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Presidential Panel: Leadership Landscape

[ Anna Greenwald; Soma Stout, MD, MS; Jim Purcell; Colleen Reilly, MBA, MSM; Ryan Picarella, MS / 2019 Summit / Day 1 ] Industry CEOs and senior leaders will share specifically how they took steps to elevate wellness to a business imperative.

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Measuring the Value of Caring

[ Jennifer Pitts, PhD & Sara Martin Rauch, MS / 2019 Summit / Day 1 ] This session will examine how employer organizations can use a next-generation system of approaches and measures that engage employees to both enhance compassion and assess the full value of a caring organization.

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Collaborative Movements of Change

[ Maggie Gough, RD / 2019 Summit / Day 1 ] Organizational culture is created through a million micro-moments between employees in connection with one another. When we recognize our collective responsibility to healthy social connection we can influence thriving culture.

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Building Your Personal Sense of Power and Leadership

[ Meghna Majmudar / 2019 Summit / Day 1 ] Being a champion for wellness in your organization means being a leader of change who can show up powerfully—and influence others, no matter where they sit in the organization. In this experiential keynote, we’ll tap into your authentic sense of strength and make it available whenever it’s needed.

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From Critic to Champion: How to Effectively Engage Leadership in Wellness

[ Jen Arnold, MS, RD, LDN / 2019 Summit / Day 1 ] Even if you’re far removed from the C-suite or can’t seem to get the attention of middle management, there are concrete ways to increase your impact and influence with all levels of leadership.

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