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WELCOA Summit 2023 – Presentations

Rachel Druckenmiller – 3 Ways to Unmute Yourself @ Work: Elevate Your Confidence and Courage to Amplify Your Career Read Keynote Article Dr. Russell Robinson – Welcome to the Overwhelmed Club Download Presentation Mitch Martens – The Aurora Wellness Project Download Social Solar System Results Patty Purpur de Vries – Elevate Your Life One Thought…

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2022 WELCOA Summit • Onward: Breakthrough Solutions for Well-Being with Sara Martin

[ 2022 Summit • Day 2 | Sara Martin, MS ] WELCOA CEO, Sara Martin kicks off WELCOA Summit with a special welcome and state of the industry address.

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2022 WELCOA Summit • Self-Care: A Scalable Solution for the Stress Epidemic with Deya Smith-Taylor

[ 2022 Summit • Day 2 | Deya Smith-Taylor ] This motivational presentation will provide guidance for organizations on how to prioritize self-care for employees in a tangible way and real tools that anyone can use to relieve stress and empower themselves.

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2022 WELCOA Summit • Awards Ceremony: 2022 Well-Being Trailblazer Awards & Panel with WELCOA & Archetype

[ 2022 Summit • Day 2 | 2022 Well-Being Trailblazer Awards & Panel ] WELCOA and Archetype recognized this year’s four awardees at the WELCOA Summit in Chicago on August 30th, 2022 followed by a panel discussion.

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2022 WELCOA Summit • The Leadership Mentality: Owning Your Impact with Angela R. Howard

[ 2022 Summit • Day 2 | Angela R. Howard ] Angela R. Howard discusses the 3 elements that are crucial to your growth and journey as a leader.

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2022 WELCOA Summit • The Antidote for Burnout with Eve Rodsky

[ 2022 Summit • Day 3 | Eve Rodsky ] Eve Rodksy explains “Unicorn Space” and why creating time for it is not optional, but essential to our sense of self, our physical and mental well-being, the health of our partnerships, and our ability to model what a full and meaningful life looks like to our children, friends, colleagues, and communities.

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2022 WELCOA Summit • From Here to There: How Investing in Employee Well-Being Can Change the Future of Work with David Hoke

[ 2022 Summit • Day 3 | David Hoke ] In this keynote session, you’ll hear David Hoke’s unique take on how the evolving well-being professional’s role is critical to a culture of health, sustaining high performance, and changing the future of work.

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2022 WELCOA Summit • Refocusing on Physical Health with Maggie Gough

[ 2022 Summit • Day 3 | Maggie Gough ] In this session, you’ll gain key insights to support employees’ physical health in a holistic way that amplifies intrinsic motivation, and prioritizes the inclusion of all bodies.

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2022 WELCOA Summit • Opportunity Mindset: Using Tough Times to Grow Panel with Derek Bell, Jae Kullar, and raChelle Karman

[ 2022 Summit • Day 3 | Panel: Derek Bell MS, CWP, Jae Kullar RDN, PMP, and raChelle Karman, MS ] Hear from a hospital system focusing on joy for its nursing staff, an airline focused on safety in uncertainty, and a city rooted in strategic cultural health.

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2022 WELCOA Summit • Achieving the “Leading for Wellness” Mindset with Dr. Katina Sawyer

[ 2022 Summit • Day 4 | Dr. Katina Sawyer ] In this session, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset so that it supports your and others’ wellness at work.

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