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Benchmark 6 Toolkit

Benchmark #6
Cultivate Supportive Health Promoting Environments, Policies and Practices


These resources will guide your progress toward creating supportive workplace environments to support employee wellness. You are provided sample policies, environmental considerations and how to use nudges to encourage positive health and wellness behaviors.

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Benchmark 6: Cultivate Supportive Health Promoting Environments, Policies and Practices

The purpose of this benchmark is to assist in creating policies, resources, and support that help foster a workplace centered on the employee’s well-being.

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Creating Supportive Wellness Enviroment

5 Practices to Consider In Creating Supportive Environments

Consider the five recommendations in this template to guide your progress toward creating supportive environments at the workplace to support employee health and wellness.

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Workplace Wellness Policy

Sample Workplace Wellness Policy

When preparing to create or review your workplace wellness policy, consider using the template created with ideas from Queensland Government Wellness.

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Sample Drug-Free Workplace Policy

When preparing to create or review your drug-free workplace policy, consider using the template provided from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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Job Satisfaction Survey

To know what policies will be most effective when designing your worksite wellness program, you must first engage employees and get to know where they’re coming from.

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Low Stress Eating

In WELCOA’s newest employee education presentation, take a closer look at the bidirectional relationship of stress and nutrition. Learn and share some strategies for using nutrition and stress relief to promote optimal well-being, boost immunity and fight future disease with your employees.

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Expert Interview: Seven Points of Transformation with Dr. Rosie Ward + Dr. Jon Robison

People often can become overwhelmed when thinking about changing culture, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this interview, Rosie and Jon present a blueprint that leverages their 7 Points of Transformation for building a thriving culture at work.

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Expert Interview: Creating Shared Values with Edington Associates

Dee Edington is one of the most recognizable names in wellness. Known for years of health promotion research at the University of Michigan, Dee has contributed invaluably to our industry. Now, he and Jennifer Pitts have an exciting new approach to creating shared organizational values to improve well-being. Learn more in this exclusive expert interview.

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The Value of Workplace Ergonomics: Expert Interview with Erik Nieuwenhuis

Standing desks, ergonomic work spaces and other tweaks to the built environment are showing promise in increasing total employee well-being and decreasing worksite injuries and pain. But what is the financial and health impact of these interventions? Workplace ergonomics expert and physical therapist Erik Nieuwenhuis gives us the total value story in a brand new expert interview.

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Eating Well: The Mayo Prescription for Good Nutrition: Interview with Dr. Donald Hensrud

Imagine walking in the shoes of a Mayo Clinic Physician. What questions do they ask their patients about their diets and how does one of the most advanced models of care achieve healthy eating compliance in the real world? WELCOA President Ryan Picarella sits down with Dr. Donald Hensrud for the Mayo perspective on food.

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