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The Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals Award Winner: Rachel Druckenmiller

After 210 entries were scored by an elite panel of judges, WELCOA is pleased to announce that Rachel Druckenmiller was scored the Top Health Promotion Professional in the country! Read about WELCOA Top Health Promotion Professional Rachel Druckenmiller’s holistic take on what’s next for employee wellness.

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Member Spotlight: Mitch Martens

Top 10 Health Promotion Professional, Mitch Martens, has mastered the art of helping people align with their true purpose at work with the creation of Cedars-Sinai’s It’s All about Caring Program. Learn what the program has done to improve well-being and employee performance and how you can be bold, courageous and innovative in your approach.

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Member Spotlight: Rachel Druckenmiller

Rachel Druckenmiller, Wellness Director at Silberstein Insurance Group (SIG), provides an exciting new perspective on the wellness industry. Read on for innovative tips and strategies!

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Member Spotlight: Jason Horay

Find out how WELCOA Member Jason Horay is improving the health of healthcare workers and leveraging WELCOA’s turnkey incentive programs.

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Member Spotlight: Lisa Krieg & Katie Sarno Discuss Wellness Operating Plans

Lisa Krieg and Katie Sarno of the West Ohio Regional Healthcare Alliance discuss their successes, the power of the operating plan, and the importance of CEO support.

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