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Audio/Video Guidelines

Content Requirements

To abide by the standards that we have put forth in the WELCOA Institute, we require the following for all courses…

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Takeaway Materials
    • White paper, article, case study, report, etc. in Word or PDF format
    • 2-3 for Webinars, 5-6 for Certifications
    • Links to online blogs or articles are acceptable
  • Quiz Questions & Answers
    • Mix of true/false and multiple choice with 4 answers min/5 answers max
    • 20 for Webinars, 50 for Certifications
    • Avoid “all/none of the above” with multiple choice questions

WELCOA will provide a shared folder via to transfer slides, audio, quiz questions and answers, materials and any other necessary files. All content will be reviewed by WELCOA staff prior to the live session and prior to the course launch on the WELCOA Institute.

IMPORTANT! The purpose of WELCOA training is to educate Members. Solicitation of speaker products and services in such a way that undermines that purpose is prohibited. Exposure for your products and services should be provided via no more than 2 slides and/or up to 2 minutes of total audio time at the conclusion of the presentation.

Audio Recording

For the ease and convenience of recording your presentation session on your own time in the comfort of your home or office, we ask that you download the audio recording software, Audacity. It is free and works best for what we need for optimal presentation recordings.


Download Audacity

Please connect a USB headset with a built-in microphone to your computer. Set it accordingly as your input audio source under your operating system’s sound settings. If you do not have a USB headset, one will be supplied. When exporting your recording (File > Export Audio), select “WAV (Microsoft) – Signed 32-bit PCM” or “AIFF (Apple) – Signed 32-bit PCM” as the file type.

Here are our recommended best practices for recording:

  • Diffuse background noise (i.e. copy/fax machines, shuffling papers, humming fans, squeaky chairs, etc.).
  • Turn off mobile phone ring tones/vibration, calendar and email notifications, and other electronic devices.
  • Record in a closed office, conference room or basement where you will not be disturbed.
  • If possible, choose a carpeted room with minimal windows to minimize echo.
  • A one-second pause is recommended to indicate that you are transitioning from one slide to the next.
  • Keep the microphone at the same distance from your mouth at all times and avoid handling it while recording.
  • Start each audio recording with an audio label (i.e. “This is objective 2, slide 12…”).
  • Keep a bottle of water handy to avoid dry-mouth.

Since WELCOA courses are recorded in advance, speakers have the luxury of pausing, restating or requesting the deletion of any recorded portion that they deem unnecessary. WELCOA can take care of most minor edits; however, reserves the right to ask speakers to re-record in part or in full.

  • Stumbling on your words (pause, then restate)
  • Long pauses or dead air
  • Take a deep breath or take a sip of water
  • Coughs, sneezes, or clearing your throat
  • Frequent or excessive “um” or “uh”
  • Incoherent speech
  • Fast speech
  • The integration of any solicitous content

Note: Presenter owns copyright to all content. WELCOA owns copyright to all course design (visual and audio) and deliverables.