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Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness Services

Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness Services

Need an easy way to keep the flu out of your office? Take our best shot.

Plan now for the 2015-2016 flu season with Quest Diagnostics. It’s easier than ever to bring flu shots to your workplace. More than 75% of employers with wellness programs offer immunizations*, and there’s a reason – to help protect employees and reduce avoidable healthcare costs. Contact us today for more information about flu shots and other immunizations that we can offer in tandem or separately.

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*Mattke S, Liu H, Caloyeras JP, Huang CY, Van Busum KR, Khodyakov D, and Shier V, Workplace Wellness Programs Study: Final Report, Santa Monica, Calif. RAND Corporation, RR-254-DOL (available at, 2013, p. 23.