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Health Coach

American Institute for Preventive Medicine

American Institute for Preventive Medicine is seeking Health Coaches to assist our Lifestyle program participants develop healthier habits through telephonic health coaching. The position will work closely with participants in promoting wellness and helping individuals realize their potential. Our Health Coaches will be responsible for developing a wellness coaching relationship with the participants and assisting the participant through the process of actively working towards better health by providing support, encouragement, and education. Our Health Coaches cover diverse lifestyle areas but are highly focused on tobacco cessation. This position is part-time and contingent upon coaching assignments. We are seeking a coach with flexible availability, either during the daytime (9 a.m. – 1 p.m. EST) or evening (5 – 9 p.m. EST) at least three days per week (preferably available 4-5 days). Health coaches have the option to work in our Farmington Hills, MI office or remotely from within the U.S. This position is immediately available. Responsibilities:

· The Health Coach will be responsible for contacting participants that have enrolled in one or more of our lifestyle programs and providing necessary wellness coaching to reduce or eliminate high-risk behaviors.

· Encourage adoption of habits that are conducive to a higher quality of life.

· The Health Coach must have strong computer skills. Each telephonic contact with a participant must be documented using our database. This includes efficiently taking notes while on a call and keeping records up-to-date in real time.

· Guide participants in a way that balances quality coaching with time management. Coaching sessions are about 10-15 minutes in length, though some deviation from this range may be beneficial from time to time.

Knowledge and Skills:

Bachelor’s degree or higher in health promotion, health education, nursing, athletic training, nutrition, other health related field or counseling and two years of experience as a wellness coach. Knowledge of specific disease and lifestyle related topics such as smoking cessation, weight management, nutrition, stress reduction and chronic conditions and certification from an accredited professional wellness coach training program preferred. Bilingual/Spanish-speaking preferred.

Critical Success Factors:

To be successful a Health Coach one must have well-developed emotional and social competencies in these areas:

· Self-Confidence – A Health Coach can diplomatically express views that may be unpopular.

· Self-Control – A Health Coach is composed, positive, and focused under pressure.

· Conscientiousness– A Health Coach is organized and always meets deadlines / commitments.

· Innovation – A Health Coach is open to new ideas, approaches and information.

· Achievement Drive – A Health Coach constantly strives to improve standards of excellence.

· Commitment– A Health Coach makes sacrifices to meet goals and believes in core values.

· Initiative – A Health Coach pursues goals beyond what’s required or expected of them.

· Optimism – A Health Coach is persistent despite obstacles and expects success, not failure.

· Understanding – A Health Coach senses others feelings / perspectives and takes interest them.

· Service Orientation – A Health Coach anticipates, recognizes and meets customer needs.

· Influence – A Health Coach can effectively persuade others. • Communication – A Health Coach deals with issues, listens and seeks mutual understanding.

· Conflict Management- A Health Coach is diplomatic, tactful and able to calm tense situations.

· Collaboration and Cooperation – A Health Coach shares plans, information and resources.

The statements above describe the general requirements of the Health Coach job but are not intended as an all-inclusive listing of duties that may be required of the individual in this position from time to time.

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Date Posted
August 14, 2017
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Farmington Hills, MI

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