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Health Coach – Part-Time Work from Home

Vida Health, Inc.

Your Opportunity As a virtual Vida coach, you will have the opportunity to be selected by clients to work with them on their health goals. You will be responsible for the success of your clients in reaching their health goals. This is your chance to apply your expert knowledge and years of experience in meeting your clients wherever they might be in their own health journey.

For the patient recovering from a heart attack who can’t keep up with taking his/her meds? You’ll be their accountability partner, while helping them understand what each pill does to optimize their heart recovery. For your client who has struggled with a million yo-yo diets? S/he will be looking to you to alternate between being an expert guide, cheerleader, and enforcer in finding a path towards healthy, sustainable weight loss. The diabetic who can’t seem to stick to a low carb diet despite repeated warnings from his/her doctor? You should be an active listener and detective in distilling the emotional and social barriers that have gone unaddressed. You will help him/her learn to cook quick, affordable meals and remind them to grocery shop in a timely fashion!

Specific Responsibilities Include, but are not limited to the Following:
  • Manage a panel of clients seeking to lose weight, eat better, get more active, prevent/ manage chronic illnesses.
  • Stay in contact with your clients through video calls, telephone and electronic messaging.
  • Schedule regular touch points, and reach out proactively if clients are falling off the bandwagon. Use a coaching framework to help clients set concrete health goals.
  • Develop wide range of nutrition and exercise plans for clients. Be an accountability partner in helping client remember their medications and doctor appointments.
  • Educate clients about their chronic illnesses in a non-academic manner
  • Diligently track your clients’ progress. Provide ongoing feedback, advice, and encouragement. Constantly problem solve with your clients if things seem to not be working. 
  • Work closely with the technology team to identify and prioritize new features as requested by clients. Work with our content team to research and develop new educational modules for clients.
  • Given the sensitive nature of health information, maintain strict confidentiality at all times

We also have full-time, employed health coach positions available from time to time. Please use the following link to submit an application and your resume. 

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Date Posted
November 6, 2018
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San Francisco, CA
Wellness Consultant

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