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MIT WorkLife-Wellbeing Program Manager

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Report to the Manager, Work Life and Wellbeing working to maintain the Center’s position as a national leader in the field of work-life and well-being. Supervise Work-Life Representative and foster team collaboration to deliver quality programming related to current and emerging needs of faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students. Lead program design, development, delivery, and evaluation efforts in the areas of EAP, well-being, flexible work arrangements, young professionals, and grief and loss. Gather customer feedback and data, and produce reports related to programming services and policy issues. Negotiate and administer EAP and vendor contracts, coordinate and manage and EAP vendor services, and resolve and EAP customer concerns, to ensure seamless, high-quality delivery. Provide expert work-life and well-being consultations and referrals to members of the MIT community, including senior administrators, faculty, staff, graduate students, post-docs, and their families, on complex issues affecting recruitment, retention, engagement, and diversity. Build collaborative relationships with MIT departments, as well as local and national organizations, to expand resources and exchange of information.


Program Oversight, Development and Evaluation: (30%)

  • Lead program evaluation efforts through employee (faculty, staff, and postdocs) self-reporting data, vendor reporting data (including program utilization and client satisfaction), research and benchmarking. Congregate data to support and guide program design, service delivery, continuous improvement, and resource allocation. Prepare reports and inform MIT administration of relevant issues and trends related to work-life, well-being, workplace flexibility, and young professionals.
  • Respond to documented community needs and interests through the design and implementation of new strategic programs and initiatives as needed. These include:
    • Well-being programming, including trainings on issues relevant to MIT employees (e.g., stress reduction, anxiety/depression management, etc.) for HR partners, supervisors/managers, and staff at targeted DLCs
    • Enhanced programming and initiatives for young professionals (including newsletter and workshop development, and relevant policy review and recommendation)
    • Resources, events, and content development on grief and loss, as extension of current caregiver programming
  • Oversee and contribute to the development of annual work-life events, including seminars, workshops, senior care consultations, group briefings, and student loan repayment consultations (for young professionals), infant/toddler briefings, and Work-Life Center/MyLife Services presentations. Train and supervise the Work-Life Representative, who is responsible for the implementation and coordination of these events. Monitor and review content and materials related to EAP and well-being programs, and update and create new content as needed.
  • Manage the intake and triage of annual inquiries. Oversee and contribute to the development of work-life knowledge and resource database, including local, national, and international resources.
  • Represent the Center locally and nationally at seminars, workshops, conferences, and other speaking engagements.

Vendor Management: (30%)

  • Oversee, evaluate, and manage EAP vendor service delivery, which includes:
    • Assessment, counseling, and referral services to MIT employees and their families
    • Consultation to HROs and managers at all levels regarding behavioral/mental health/substance abuse issues
    • Incident debriefings and process groups as needed
    • Team support and manager/supervisor trainings for specific department needs
  • Monitor and assess EAP vendor contract compliance, utilization, satisfaction, and complaint resolution processes. Consolidate findings for the purpose of annual reporting analysis and delivery.
  • Coordinate Care. com and EAP vendor budgets, RFPs, contract negotiations, quality assurance efforts, and vendor integration trainings to ensure the highest quality of service delivery.
  • Build EAP and well-being community awareness through focused trainings and consultation to HR partners and targeted DLCs across MIT.

Client Consultations, Referrals, and Resources: (30%)

  • Provide consultative and referral services to MIT faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students on a range of work-life and well-being issues, including family relocation, family balance, complex family problems, and family policy.
  • Manage urgent and complex issues, maintaining extensive knowledge of MIT and area resources. Serve as a resource to other staff handling triage and client referrals.
  • Oversee the development of consultative services, briefings, and workshops to ensure seamless, high-quality delivery.
  • Supervise and train the Work-Life Representative to ensure a full understanding of a wide range of work-life issues and maintain measurable standards of excellence (i.e., responsiveness, accuracy, and client satisfaction) related to the intake and triage of work-life inquiries.

Organizational Support and Development: (10%)

  • Support MIT Human Resources’ colleagues and initiatives.
  • Foster collaboration and networking among MIT departments and practitioners in areas related to work-life and well-being to expand resources and exchange of information.
  • Chair the Young Professionals Advisory Committee, which includes future leaders of MIT. Lead Committee in identifying and responding to challenges relevant to the Institute’s young professional population through initiatives, program development, and policy review.
  • Staff the Work-Life Subcommittee, serve key role in benchmarking and research efforts based on subcommittee priorities and recommendations.
  • Serve on the EAP Advisory Committee.
  • Serve on the Women’s Advisory Group.
  • Partner with Strategic Talent Development and other HR stakeholders to provide relevant training in the areas of work-life, well-being, family policy, and job flexibility.
  • Produce reports on work-life services and policy issues as needed to initiate and support relevant Institute discussions.


The position receives supervision from the Manager, Work Life & Wellbing.


Supervision is exercised over the Work-Life Representative, who is responsible for client triage and inquiries, as well as day-to-day operations related to the Center’s space, bookkeeping, seminar series, and events, including informational resource fairs, presentations, work-life library, 1:1 consultations and group briefings.


Has frequent contact with senior administrators including assistant deans and department chairs, senior and junior faculty, Medical Department clinicians, Human Resources staff, and heads of other MIT human service and academic offices and departments, including Office of the Vice President for Research, Office of the Vice Chancellor, and Office of Graduate Education. Has frequent contact with multiple vendor teams as well as with external work-life professionals to build Center resources and referral listings and participate in discussions and projects that develop the field.


Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of five years’ experience in employee-focused work-life, social work, behavioral health, counseling, or a related field. Strong oral and written communication skills, including delivering presentations and writing reports. Ability to work with all levels of administration and faculty in a diverse multicultural community. Excellent customer service skills and proven ability to manage programs for exceptional quality delivery. Understanding of the unique demands of academic life and international relocation.

This is a hybrid position, working two days in the office, three days at home.

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December 3, 2021
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Cambridge, MA
Onsite Health & Wellness Services

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