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Senior Wellness Consultant

The Employers' Association

  1. Works with the EA Team to achieve the service goals and overall company goals as set out in the strategic plan and the annual plan.
  2. Answers general program questions for the EA members.
  3. Meets with EA members to introduce them to EA Wellness.
  4. Assists the EA Wellness Manager with the sales strategy process for EA Wellness.
  5. Regularly updates Wellness Manager on the status of prospects for The EA Wellness program and assists in managing the sales process for EA Wellness.
  6. Informs the Wellness Manager of progress for each client group on a monthly basis.
  7. Coordinates sales for fully funded members and responsible for MMO service meetings with 51-99 and 100+ groups in Northeast Ohio.
  8. Conducts broker meetings with EA Wellness Manager for groups in Northeast Ohio.
  9. Coordinates and facilitates wellness programs, activities and educational sessions for consulting purposes as needed.
  10. Researches and recommends Community resources for the benefit of providing value to clients in the area of, but not limited to, financial wellness, on-site physical activity programs, nutrition, etc.
  11. Maintains excellent relationships with brokers on each assigned client group.
  12. Schedules and conducts Initial Meetings and Employee Program Meetings with client groups.

a. Invites MMO and Broker to attend as optional attendees.

  1. Works with Employer and Wellness Assistant to schedule and finalize dates and supplies needed for computer clinics and MyCare Compare sessions.
  2. Conducts computer clinics and MyCare Compare sessions as needed for client groups.
  3. Responsible for scheduling virtual aggregate and quarterly wellness team meetings and preparing all of the necessary documents.

a. Reports progress of employer level reward incentives.

b. Reports on progress of MyCare Compare and other activities and challenges.

c. Reports on aggregate risk and participation.

d. Discusses and schedules wellness activities and upcoming events.

e. Provides next steps as needed.

  1. Designs key program elements up to and including: lunch and learns, wellness activities and challenges, workshops, etc.
  2. Plans, schedules, and prepares all necessary items for on-site health check events.
    1. Completes all information on the Wellmetric SOF at Health Checks and provides Wellness Assistant with data for database.
  3. Schedules and provides necessary reporting information for Year-end Evaluations.
  4. Provides employee within client group population with tier one support as needed or within 24 hours of receipt.
  5. Ensures the build out of each client group is accurate in database supporting each client group.
  6. Ensures an 80% completion rate for customer satisfaction survey.
  7. Completes bi-annual metrics for review during Performance Reviews.
  8. Provides assistance to the Wellness Manager as needed.
  9. Completes monthly MSR goals.
  10. Completes miscellaneous special projects as assigned.

Education, Experience, and Skills: 

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, Health Promotion or equivalent experience.
  2. Strong knowledge and experience with applicable PC hardware and software tools.
  3. Thorough knowledge and experience in the use and care of all standard office machines and equipment.
  4. Good oral and written communication skills.
  5. Ability to meet and deal effectively with EA members, associates, Board of Directors, and general public.
  6. This position requires the availability to work a flexible schedule and travel extensively due to requirements of clients.
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Date Posted
April 29, 2019
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Cleveland, OH
Onsite Health & Wellness Services

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