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Wellness Coordinator I

Healthbreak, Inc.


The Wellness Coordinator is responsible for designing, coordinating and supporting all employee wellness program activities aimed at creating a culture of health. This position delivers wellness initiatives, creates awareness and assists with strategic planning for a diverse workforce of approximately 3000 employees dispersed across multiple buildings.


  • Help create a positive, supportive and healthy wellness environment for employees at all locations.
  • Contribute to the overall benefits planning including health management strategy; create an annual wellness program plan for approval.
  • Coordinate the planning and delivery of all wellness programs including health awareness campaigns, seminars, behavior change programs, wellness challenge programs, health assessments and health screenings and special events.
  •  Collaborate with HR team in the delivery of the program; help increase and maintain program buy-in and support through all levels of the client organization; build strong relationships to ensure high customer satisfaction is reached and maintained.
  • Create and/or coordinate marketing and communication materials for the wellness program; effectively target various populations by demographics, health risks or building locations; leverage existing resources and recommend new mediums.
  • Recommend, purchase and distribute motivating incentives and other promotion items for engagement in wellness program offerings.
  • Track all program offerings, maintain accurate records and ensure confidentiality of data collected is in compliance with HIPAA standards and other regulations and policies.
  • Prepare, interpret and deliver program summary and evaluation reports; continually evaluate programming needs and delivery methods to identify improvement strategies.
  • Manage and control allocated time and budgets assigned; make purchases, track all expenses and prepare billing reports using provided standards; approve client invoices; forecast future budget needs.
  • Lead and proactively build the wellness committee and other champions to expand program outreach and increase participation rates.
  • Assist in the oversight of client-provided onsite fitness centers for employees; provide periodic equipment orientations, conduct fitness demos; consult with facilities department on equipment replacement/repair; keep maintenance records.
  • Troubleshoot all issues immediately, work to resolve quickly, document and share with others as outlined in procedures.
  • Work to effectively integrate with other client departments, benefit partners, and vendors to deliver a seamless, unified program.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Education, Experience and Certifications
  • Bachelor’s Degree in health promotion, exercise science, corporate wellness or related field required; Master’s Degree a plus.
  • A minimum of three years’ experience in the delivery and coordination of worksite-based health promotion programs.
  • Successful experience in the areas of needs assessment, program planning and development, marketing and promotion, implementation and delivery, and evaluation.
  • One or more additional certifications: ACSM, CHES, NSCA, MCHES, HIA, HCP or similar industry credentials.
  •  Current CPR, AED and First Aid certification required.
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Date Posted
September 14, 2016
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Denver Metro Area, CO
Onsite Health & Wellness Services

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