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WELCOA Premier Provider Network

Over 15,000 well-being tech and service decision-makers visit our site every month looking for resources and vendors to support their well-being initiatives. WELCOA Members can see complete vendor listings and can rate your company. Control your message and maximize lead generation by becoming a Premier Provider.

WELCOA Premier Provider


WELCOA Select is where your best clients go to hire vetted, cutting-edge well-being solutions for the employees they serve.

WELCOA Premier Provider listings receive elevated exposure in search results, their search result previews are fully accessible by all WELCOA Select shoppers (not just WELCOA Members), and they receive a fully customizable HTML vendor profile page, among other perks.

Standard, non-Premier Provider listings are partially visible to all WELCOA Select Shoppers and fully visible only to WELCOA Members. Any workplace well-being company can request a standard listing.

Please use this form to submit information for consideration on WELCOA Select for your company. Standard listings are not guaranteed to be published. You may or may not be notified of your listing’s status. If published, information is published as submitted. Please proof content for typos and errors before submitting.