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2020 WELCOA Summit

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It’s time to vote for the 2022 WELCOA Summit Pre-Conference Intensives!
Tell us what you want to hear from our experts in Chicago on August 29. The most popular topics will be chosen as day-long intensive sessions. Voting is open through March 18.

Culture, Leadership, Employee Experience: Connecting the Dots and Bringing it All Together
with Angela R. Howard
Did you know that 75% of transformative change (including driving a culture of wellbeing) fails due to people’s readiness and lack of leadership support? You may have been there before. You’ve developed a strong and effective wellbeing program, you’ve communicated the benefits, but the impact on true culture change has fizzled out. Join this experiential intensive session with organizational psychologist and Impact Culture Strategist Angela R. Howard to experience a 5 step process aimed at giving you the tools to create more human-centric and effective change (by making it people and brain-friendly) and how to scale the habits and mindset shifts that are needed to create a sustainable and “sticky” wellbeing culture.

  • Learn how to bridge the disconnect between how well executives think they are supporting well-being and how supported employees actually feel.
  • Clearly articulate how well-being creates organizational value creation and financial performance
  • Align value/goals of wellbeing for leaders
Grief & Gratitude in the Workplace: A Non-Linear Journey
with Ilana Yahdav & Kim Hanlon
The entire world has experienced collective grief, of which we are still seeing the residual effects. Covid-19 has changed the worldwide landscape, affecting many facets of life, especially mental health. It is now more critical than ever that employers proactively support employees in their mental health, specifically in grief and loss. This is important not only to increase employee retention, productivity, and creativity but can also end up helping employers save money while helping their employees. This intensive will teach tactical steps and provide simple tools to make this difficult topic feel less foreign and daunting. In the interest of practicing what is being taught, this highly interactive workshop will include group discussion, small group work, and individual reflection.

  • Navigating and understanding grief in the workplace
  • Importance of grief support and what that looks like in an organization
  • How to guide leadership on the topic of grief in the workplace
  • Leave with tangible tools that you can use right away
Elevating DEIB Efforts: Strategies that Move the Needle
with Israel Greene
Elevating DEIB Efforts – Strategies that Move the Needle is a one day strategy intensive, where Israel Greene, Certified Diversity Strategist, will teach the basics of implementing a successful DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging) strategy. Regardless of where you are on your journey, whether just beginning or deeply entrenched, this “DEIB Strategy Boost” will have something for you. Israel will review the most common business challenges organizations face today and strategies to address and overcome them. He will share pitfalls to avoid making sure that your initiative is well-thought-out from start to finish and share his knowledge of how these best practices can work in even the most difficult situations. If you have been tasked with implementing a DEIB program, heading up an ERG group, and left feeling stuck on where to begin, what to measure, or frustrated that your steps aren’t getting the traction it deserves, then this session is for you. You will leave with resources, assessments, guides, templates, and strategies to execute when you return to the office immediately. Imagine having your own DEIB Strategist at your fingertips!

  • DEIB in the workplace – Moving beyond lip service, committees, and ERGs
  • Resources, templates, & guides to execute with confidence
  • Your personalized DEIB Strategy to move the needle
Leading-Well in the Emerging Future of Workplace Well-Being: Professional Development for the Broker/Insurance/Wellness Consultant
with Deb Smolensky
Given workplace well-being is finally at the top of employers’ priority lists, it’s your time to shine. However, what got you here won’t get you there. The challenge is that the same approaches and solutions you’ve known and used in the past are no longer sufficient or as effective in this emerging new world of work. It requires new skill sets, strategies, and options in order for you to help your clients successfully navigate and create a more resilient, regenerative, and thriving workplace moving forward.

  • Learn about the new competencies and skillsets that are needed to help you lead well and demonstrate value to your clients and prospects.
  • Understand how to navigate the expanded workplace ecosystem and customize your approach based on the new, integrated HR stakeholder model employers are adopting.
  • Gain new insight into the ever-expanding verticals within the workplace well-being landscape. And, effective ways to integrate these new ideas and solutions into your value proposition while keeping your clients laser-focused and not bankrupting the health plan.
Find Your Seat at the Strategy Table: Professional Development for the Internal HR/Wellness Professional
with Speaker TBD
The nature of workplace wellness is quickly evolving from programs to strategic business development. Wellness professionals are seeking new skills to launch their careers and meet the demands of the moment. With conversations about well-being routinely taking place around the executive table, and the dynamics rapidly changing the landscape of work wellness, professionals have a new opportunity to lead. This intensive session will address ways to level up HR/Wellness professionals to lead the charge in effective change management and workplace well-being strategies.

  • Create alignment between the values/goals of workplace well-being strategies, and business goals to respond to immediate and emergent workforce challenges.
  • Create a strategic pathway to engage executive leaders in a broader understanding of corporate wellness.
  • Develop leadership skills to speak assertively, leverage personal agency, and provide valuable feedback.
  • Steward professional talent to cultivate career advancement and upward mobility within the organization.
Path to Becoming a Powerhouse: Professional Development for the Entrepreneur/Solopreneur
with Speaker TBD
The workplace wellness industry is fueled by creative, powerhouse entrepreneurs. Building a successful business is challenging and the landscape is complex. This role is often isolating when working alone the majority of the time. In this session, meet fellow entrepreneurs and hear directly from a powerhouse entrepreneur who will provide heart-centered, strategic guidance on building a successful business.

  • How to create a path toward entrepreneurial success
  • Package services to get attention and create sales
  • Gain skills to network and build meaningful relationships that fuel your passion and power.
Engaging Investors and Leveling Up Your Business: Professional Development for Wellness Tech Professionals
with Speaker TBD
The world of wellness technology is ever-expanding, with more organizations looking to include such solutions within their workplace wellness strategies. Succeeding in the wellness tech field includes engaging venture capitalists, scaling the business, and learning to look ahead for what’s coming next. This intensive session will help wellness tech professionals level up in these areas to better support themselves and their organizations.

  • Strategically tell your organization’s story to engage venture capitalists
  • Learn how to scale successfully
  • Navigate the many facets of working with clients
  • Learn about what’s up and coming in the field

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