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4 Ways to Connect With and Learn From Peers in Wellness

Meeting people in the field who understand the trials and tribulations you face as a health promotion professional can be difficult. So where do you go to find the best workplace wellness tips, ideas, and strategies? Here are four ways you can begin to connect with wellness professionals, just like you!

Local Councils and Affiliates


An easy way to meet professionals who might be able to help you with your specific workplace wellness program questions are those who serve similar populations of people. Connect with professionals on LinkedIn and explore local councils and affiliate groups.


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Wellness Council of Wisconsin

The Wellness Council is the only nonprofit organization in Wisconsin dedicated exclusively to helping employers design results-oriented wellness programs to maximize the health and productivity of their most valuable asset — their employees. LEARN MORE »

Michigan Wellness Council

The MWC is a nonprofit organization whose vision is that the health and wellbeing of Michigan employers will be the best in the nation. They execute on this mission by inspiring the implementation of leading workplace wellness strategies through thought-leadership and education. LEARN MORE »

Great Cincinnati Corporate Wellbeing Accelerator

The Accelerator is a membership organization with a local presence and national backing. Developing practitioners to lead organizational transformation that enhances employee wellbeing and ultimately influences the corporate landscape in Greater Cincinnati. LEARN MORE »

Case Studies and Expert Interviews


Discovering corporate wellness companies who have put in the work and actually made a change to their culture are good starting points for finding ways in which you can impact your employees. Explore interviews and case studies from thought-leaders, industry experts, and top companies in workplace wellness.

[Case Study]

Well County La Crosse: Wellness Council of Wisconsin

Evolving out of WELCOA’s Well Workplace Awards Process™, Well County USA is an initiative designed to engage entire business communities in improving the health and well-being of their workforce. The Wellness Council of Wisconsin worked closely in the collaboration of 20 La Crosse county businesses and organizations, to deliver award-winning wellness programs to 18,000 employees in the county. READ MORE »

[Case Study]

Physical Activity Intervention: Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin

In this case study from a WELCOA Platinum Award winning program at Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin, Jeff Stieg shares the physical activity intervention that they have been using in order to encourage exercise at work for both health and safety reasons. Get the GoodMoves activities to start using in your organization! READ MORE »

[Expert Interview]

Four Virtues of a Leader

Eric Kaufmann, President and Founder of Sagatica, shares his personal philosophy for leadership in this inspiring expert interview. Learn about the four elemental virtues of great leaders from Eric’s book, Four Virtues of a Leader: Navigating the Hero’s Journey Through Risk to Results, shared by successful, passionate, and creative leaders as they navigate through uncertainty and anxiety. READ MORE »

[Expert Interview]

Exploring the Power of Community

OWLS’ CEO, Dr. Joel Bennett, discusses the alignment of two powerful tools for working within a healthy workplace: WELCOA’s 7 Benchmarks™ and Organizational Wellness and Learning System’s Champions Training. The foundation for building a results-oriented wellness program starts with a clear vision. There often needs to be someone — a champion or a leader — who has the mindset and competencies for making that vision a collaborative reality. Dr. Bennett provides guidance on how to develop this mindset by aligning the internal champion mindset with the external benchmarks. READ MORE »

Health and Wellness Training Conferences

Dive right in to the wellness scene

Attend a conference or training and discover new research, successes and ideas for creating the healthiest workplaces for all.

The 2019 WELCOA Summit

The WELCOA Summit

The 2019 WELCOA Summit will share a variety of strategies for conquering each of WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks™ for building wellness initiatives that impact your employees every single day.

Learn More

  1. Lifestyle Medicine Conference
  2. Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference
  3. Thrive Summit
  4. National Wellness Conference
  5. ACSM’s International Health and Fitness Summit

Wellness Studies and Professional Development

Go back to school

As health promotion professionals, its more important than ever to stay up to date on the latest trends, legalities, and hot topics in the wellness industry. Find unique courses to give you the knowledge, skills and competencies to engage your team and cause your organization to thrive. Search job boards to learn what employers are looking for in wellness promotional professionals and determine if you’re on track.

[Legal Toolkit]

EEOC Regulations for a Compliant Wellness Program

When it comes to building your worksite wellness program, do you know what types of incentives are permissible, what laws impact wellness program design and implementation, and how health reform, federal guidance and court cases will continue to change the rules for wellness? This webinar will give you the skills and best practices you need to design your wellness program with confidence. REGISTER »


Seven Benchmarks Overview and Introduction

WELCOA is evolving the health promotion industry with a revamped Seven Benchmarks built to fit the needs of your employees. Watch this introduction webinar and discover exciting new tools and strategies for the future of wellness in the workplace. WATCH NOW »


Professional Development

Explore our comprehensive career opportunity listing, exclusively for health and wellness professionals. Employers can post open positions for free and career-hopefuls can see a multitude of available opportunities! EXPLORE »