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Building Meaningful Relationships

In recent years, a startling trend has emerged: we are feeling lonelier than ever, especially at work. BetterUp reports that 69% of U.S. employees are not satisfied with the opportunities for connection in their workplace. This is especially troubling because most of us spend a majority of our time at work, surrounded by colleagues and…

Exploring the Contexts for Healthy Change

Change is necessary—now more than ever. Between the popularity of remote work and the emergence of AI technologies, it has become increasingly important for organizations to be change ready and adaptable. In the webinar “Setting the Contexts for Healthy Change” presented by WELCOA and the National Wellness Institute (NWI), Hanlie van Wyk and Colin Bullen…

Reducing Loneliness: 4 Action Steps for Employers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people spent a lot of time isolated and indoors, which helped foster an environment where some people now feel lonelier than ever. The result is a loss of social connectedness—the degree to which people feel the social connections and relationships in their lives to satisfy their wants and needs. When social…