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Behind the Humans at Summit

The 2018 WELCOA Summit came to a close over the weekend and the entire team at WELCOA is so grateful for humans like you who inspire us to continue to forge a path for wellness at work. We experienced inspiring presentations from 30 industry experts and felt the love from over 450 leaders in health and wellness from all over the world — encompassing the themes from our Definition of Wellness. We began Summit by sharing WELCOA’s own definition and encouraged each attendee to make their own “wellness soup” as picture above. Each centerpiece read:

“Successful workplace wellness initiatives support their employees by fulfilling their needs in these seven areas: Health, Meaning, Safety, Connection, Achievement, Growth and Resiliency. Build your definition of wellness using the ingredients provided.”

As you reenter your daily lives we wanted to take a moment and reflect on another uplifting year for the #welcoasummit.

At the conclusion of our presentations on Friday, President and CEO, Ryan Picarella summed up the annual summit in just a few key points:

  1. Jump In. When someone needs you, don’t be afraid to step up and take action. You might save someone’s life.
  2. Create Personal Connections. Explore real, intimate relationships and dive deeper. Finding community is what keeps us energized, focused, and positive–together. 
  3. There’s Hope for Reversing Chronic Heart Disease. Countries who live on plant-based diets have eliminated chronic heart disease from their nation. Try going meatless on Monday!
  4. Create Healthy Nudges. A nudge is often all it takes to make a good choice easier and a bad choice harder.
  5. Love Yourself. Take a moment to appreciate what you’ve accomplished. Being human is no small feat. It’s okay to love yourself and each other.
  6. Burnout (at Work). “The summation of 100s of 1000s of small betrayals of purpose.” What a powerful statement that is. Never lose sight of the humans who work for you and with you every single day.
  7. Tell More Stories. Stories are the chains that connect us from generation to generation. By sharing your story you’ll better resonate with those around you.
  8. Connect With Purpose. Providing your employees with the purpose they desire to be successful is the best thing you can do for your organization.
  9. Be Kind. Hold open the door, pay it forward, forgive an enemy. Caring for one another can release our regret and push us to progress. 
  10. Moms Matter. Let’s create environments where women are supported at work when they become mothers.
  11. Be Mindful. Sometimes small things make a big difference. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment.

We cannot express how lucky we are to work with individuals like you every day. Reaching leaders as far as Lima, Peru or Yerevan, Armenia is what shapes who we are as an organization. Thank you to everyone who traveled so far to join us in ushering in the future of work.

Summit Attendees

We hope you found your own inspiration and will share your story throughout your organizations. We hope you continue to encourage, uplift, and motivate your employees to be the best versions of themselves. And as always, we hope to see you again very soon.

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2019 WELCOA Summit

Philadelphia, PA

August 26-28, 2019

Loews Philadelphia Hotel