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Bounce Back and Rise to Excellence!

BY: Kate Siano, MMT, PPPC • Founder Bounce Back Method

If 2020 taught us anything, it revealed how we process the stress of change, how we self-regulate, how we show up, or how we retreat. 2020 also revealed the incredible importance of our social connections to our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. One message rang clear – We are not meant to do life alone, we are designed for connection.

When we look at the workplace, 2020 changed organizational functions, shifted roles and responsibilities, and impacted relationships between team members. We have an opportunity NOW, to re-examine how we support the employee experience through the lens of well-being, including social and emotional well-being.

Expressed empathy and compassion are critical in building trust, and trust is essential in developing a high performing, resilient team. For some, this may be unfamiliar territory, and the notion of expressing emotion in the workplace can feel awkward if you don’t have the right tools and strategies in place to be successful.

Welcome, 2021 the year of resilience and an opportunity to not only thrive, but flourish and rise to excellence! We each have unique character strengths, and using them within the workplace creates a common language, making expression of emotion more clear, concise, and productive. Awareness and use of character strengths can create the foundation to build trust and create a deeper connection amongst all team members by focusing on what’s strong with us, and not what’s wrong with us.

We all have a leader within us – Leadership is having the ability to positively influence others – how you lead your life, your health, your teams, your community, your family…

Leaders exemplify strength, courage, empathy, vulnerability, and resilience. Leaders rise with excellence, they lead by example, and they inspire those around them to also rise to excellence in all they do. The best part is that leadership and resilience can be developed! Each one of us has an unlimited capacity for growth. It’s a practice. Building micro-habits that develop and accumulate over time. Resilience is just like a muscle, the more you flex it, the stronger it becomes.

When applied across the well-being spectrum of positive psychology, character strengths are the pathways that allow us to bounce back, rise up and grow through adversity!

Bounce Back and Rise Up!

Bounce Back & Rise Up! Character Strengths & Resilience

Learn more on this topic from Kate Siano in her on-demand training Bounce Back & Rise Up: Character Strengths and Resilience in the WELCOA Institute. In this session, you will learn about unique character strengths, and how using them within the workplace creates a common language, making expression of emotion more clear, concise, and productive.


Kate Siano
ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTOR Kate Siano, MMT, PPC • Founder Bounce Back Method, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Wellbeing Coach and Consultant, Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
Kate, aka, Kate the Great, is the creator and founder of the Bounce Back Method – using the practices and framework of Mindfulness, Movement, and Music, to build mental, emotional and physical resilience. Her clients and students exclaim greater ease, flow, and JOY in life!

Throughout the year, Kate hosts Bounce Back + Rise UP Retreats and Group Coaching programs for Women, in addition to her Bright Insights Corporate training and development programs. Kates focused Strengths-Based Resilience programs are designed to empower individuals and teams in overcoming adversity and rising UP to Flourish in their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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